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Fiddlesticks Events

Since covid 19, its been really difficult to create events as we had hoped pre-covid. 

Although we do have some up and coming late nights and wanted to share them 

with you. 


-2021 -22-
The big & small events are the memories we make together

illustrated guides


online events


Art classes


new classes


mini workshops


late night shopping

Craft & Coffee House

Were looking forward to introducing later nights front of house and also in our coffee shop.... With book clubs, crochet clubs, craft clubs etc. 



Airmail Notecard

expressive  sketching & Simple watercolour

6th, 13th & 20th Of July
9am -11am 
£75 for 3 2hr classes

Expressive sketching & simple watercolours
Breaking down the need for perfection within your art and learning to find the story within your picture

3 x 2 hr = 9am Wednesday morning

Choosing your subject
Basic drawing and breaking the need perfection.
We will teach you how to be expressive
Learn basic colour theory
Simple watercolour & marker techniques
Highlights and shadows
Pen and ink techniques

Videos will also be supplied, which will compliment each class.

* we do not supply material but will offer a guide in items you will need. This way you can budget and find the items which work best for you

Airmail Notecard

20th,27th, Of July - 3rd, 10th, 17th August
7pm - 8pm (online) 7pm-8.30 (f2f)
£99 total cost

Our 6 week course contains 3 online classes which are then complimented with 3 face 2 face classes. One week its online technical, with a face 2 face lesson the following week to problem solve any issues you may have found from the previous lesson. 

Online class is using zoom, which is a technical class based in learning stitches and techniques up close. Face 2 face classes are based on problem solving and working through any stitches you having issues with.

Kits will available if you wish to buy from us direct. We have found those that have bought our handmade crochet hooks to have a much smoother journey.. but by all means use what ever hooks work for you based on the wool you choose to use.

We work with double knit with a recommended hook 4mm. However you can use a chunkier wool and work with bigger hooks. 

You will receive our illustrated guide & dvd. WIth access to groups for help during your classes and into the future. 

learn 2 crochet
level 1 - Beginners

Airmail Notecard

3rd, 10th, 17th Of August
9am - 11am Wednesday's 
£90 total cost

Basic weaving & textile art
Learn to basic weave on a small loom. Perfect for creating wall art for you home.

We will teach you simple techniques creative textures and using mixed materials.

Looms will be supplied as part of your course and will be yours to keep. Along with a mini started kit to get you started on your first class. With wool of varying textures and thicknesses and rags.

Teaching you loops, basic weave, binding. Starting & finishing your weave for display

We may also look at natural hand dying techniques
Along with using upcycling methods and rag finding.

3 classes £90 1hr - 45 to 2hrs long (x3)
With kit £120


basic textile art & weaving

Airmail Notecard

3rd, 10th, 17th Of August
9am - 11am Wednesday's 
£90 total cost

3D felt art - hot air balloons and cloudy skies

Includes a small kit with tools and fibre. Learn to punch fibers together layer by layer, adapting colours and shapes till you create your personal.
Using wool as paint in mindful meditative manner, brilliant for new crafters And anyone who struggles with anxiety.

2 classes 1hr 45 min
We will guide you through the process of making felt art with 3D textures and shapes.

Class is £90 includes kit or £60 without

3d felt art - hot air balloons & cloudy skies

Airmail Notecard

Boho bag & Waist coat
7th, 14th, 21st Of september

7pm - 8.30pm Wednesday's 
£90 total cost

We are using the same format and structure as level 1. With a Online technical & f2f meet on alternating weeks. We are finding great success using this format, as we believe see your technical up close, is allowing you to process the information easier than being in a class setting. The classes are reordered, so that you can also reflect on them time after time.

In this class you will learn more challenging designs, new stitches, following templates. You will make a tote bag and waist coat. We encourage you to work independently, understanding how to modify, look at things logically, and to work a magic ring, amongst many other stitches and designs. 

You will also receive our self designed illustrated guide, with areas specifically for notes. We will also create a dvd, that compliments your classes. We have also created templates for creating your designs, and will carefully go through this section with you, so you can make soo much more. 

Kits can be bought separately to your course. We will give you a kit list so you can buy or look in your own stash for what you already have. lol

learn 2 crochet - level 2

Airmail Notecard

2nd, 9th, 16th November
7pm - 8.30pm Wednesday's 
£99 total cost

level 3 - faux macrame 

There is soo much you can do with crochet. Level 3 will show you how you can adapt 3d and raised stitches into a wool hanging. Using techniques and tools which will help you understand the way in which fabric moves, for its required purpose. 

You will be working on a complex visual chart, which will help you map each stitch, in order for you to build your raised bobble stitches in the required place. 

We'll also work with front and back post stitches, understanding working on the turn, back loop and front loop. 

Kits are available at a additional cost.  We are happy to build kits for you, but your also welcome to resource your own to suit your budget. 

We recommend a chunky wool, with a hook one size down from the recommended hook for the wool your are using,. 

learn 2 crochet - level 3

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