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Creative School

A mindful way to learn.... 

Our classes have gone online, and you can now enjoy a more affordable option of subscription. 

Yes I know, subscription. This way you can enjoy our content at your own leisure. We will update the group weekly, with tips and tricks, Q&As, sharing and organising live classes and pre-recorded content. All of which can be accessed from our group, as long as you have data and WIFI you can work from anywhere. 

Work through each level.. 

Don't worry, we still have our shop and we have 3 craft & natter times for you to socialise and ask questions. This is a great support to your learning. 

We have different levels of subscription, along with different courses. 

All in all there is something for everyone. 


First of all we are not you tube. You don't have to search for us, and hope what we teach you will work for you. 

I cant record face to face classes, which is a bummer. But if I could you would never forget what you asked, or how I explained your answer. Your online classes are recorded for your benefit. You can enjoy learning in your pjs, replaying your videos, till you finally get it. Then you get a birds eye view, you can ask me to show you again, its as interactive as you feel comfortable with. More content, more time to learn, and no need to leave your home at night. Yet you still get to meet us in person, and enjoy craft & natters. 

We now have 

121 Live online courses, where we can flex the date. These will be evening based times. 

Online courses you can work when it suits you from our pre-recorded library. 

Or enjoy a month subscription, with information, education, inspiration, hacks, tips & demos throughout the month. Cheaper than a visit to Starbucks lol.

Then come join our in house community, via our FREE social crafting events.

Anchor Threads

"Never stop being the student, always be ready to learn. Allow yourself to see past your day to day, to find moments where you can find you own expression, even if you only have 10 minutes"

Amigurumi Crochet

Many people start there crochet journey here. Which I think is personally amazing! If you are a beginner I would recommend our level 1 course. Prior to starting our amigurumi course  as I will be challenging you and making more complex makes. Such as dolls, characters, baby comforters, and wreaths. 

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"Nothing is impossible... finding the right tools, and language for you is part of the process. The biggest obstacle any new crafter will face is mental resilience.. "

Expressive Sketching


Enjoy breaking the habits of perfection, using expressive marks to create character, emotion & drama. Using mixed media and watercolour washes to create depth and warmth. 

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Anchor Threads

" practice doesn't bring perfection, it brings improvement. The more you work, the more you practice, the more improvement you will make. 

Muscle Memory & Hand dexterity will only come together through constant practice".

Basic Weaving


Our brand new course starting in September, great for those wanting to try fiber arts. If you struggle to learn knitting or crochet, that this is a great way to have a excuse to by wool. 


"Learning new crafts is not a crime... if like me you enjoy a variety of things... you will find as one craft sleeps, while another will refresh and excite your soul"

3d Fibre Art

Brand new course using fiber art in a painterly fashion. This time we have a set design to be followed, creating a finer background, with 3D shaped using sculpting and overlaying of shades and layers of fiber. 

We will teach you, how to work your colours, textures and shading, following our methods. 

"Arts & crafts are therapy. They are sensory on many levels. They're known to help your brain reach a meditative state through repetition, touch and colour. "

Creative Watercolours

Expressive Flower portraits

Brand new class coming soon. Basic watercolour techniques, and drawing to create atmospheric paintings. 

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