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The Cherry Bakewell CAL

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I'm loving the cherry bakewell blanket and have just finished week 4. Looking forward to when week 5 is blogged as the boarder looks so pretty. Amazed at what I've accomplished so far 🙌

Hi my lovelies! I'm running behind on chapter three, due to personal family issues... which mean I can't film or get to my computer! I will be aiming for the following week, or I may be adding a chapter so I can can get it out in smaller manageable parts!

☺️🥰 love you all Chell x

Zoe Howard

Morning my lovely makers! Oh I do love a Monday, a time to reflect and get on top of all our groups.

How have you found chapter one? We've had some lovely feed back from fellow makers. We're dying to see your photos and how you are getting on, so far... WIP's

I finally got chapter two live... and believe me that was a slog! I've worked super hard to give you more content, support and information. Which I hope will help you during chapter 2. DON'T worry if you get stuck, we will do our best to help.



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