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The Midnight Garden CAL

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Morning lovelies, it's my Monday morning check in.... I'm thinking of adding videos to this lovely make.

So before I start setting a plan of action in place, can I ask?

Where do you feel your struggled the most? are there any suggestions as to what videos you think are needed in order to help you navigate through.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. Honestly, ive been super overwhelmed by everything this week. I'm hoping today will end on a high. Because I've had such lovely feed back all the way through. Xx

Evening everyone.

I've added a update to week 2. There are two options for row17 on week 2. If you've worked the front triple treble post stitch, don't worry. I've added a alternative for those who may find this a little challenging.

The idea that having this more challenging stitch, was to test you as a beginner. Taking you out of your comfort zone, and try your stitch placement understanding.

Welcome to our new members! We hope your enjoying your blanket so far! Do you have any WIP (work in progress) photos you would like to share?

This is my 70's vibe colour way! I think a pink and grey version would be lovely too! What do you think?

Fiddlesticks Michelle
April 25, 2023 · changed the group description.

Join our group for the Midnight cal. Enjoy our community of fellow makers making the same blanket.. discuss issues you may be facing. Or ask questions and we will be here to support you x


Join our group for the Midnight cal. Enjoy our community of ...
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