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Evening everyone.

I've added a update to week 2. There are two options for row17 on week 2. If you've worked the front triple treble post stitch, don't worry. I've added a alternative for those who may find this a little challenging.

The idea that having this more challenging stitch, was to test you as a beginner. Taking you out of your comfort zone, and try your stitch placement understanding.

So to make it easier, as the point of this pattern is not to frustrate you in anyway, or for it to feel impossible. I want you to enjoy this pattern, and to go on and trust your own abilities as they grow.

So option 2, is now live. I'll add a picture here for you to see the difference.

Hope this helps everyone on all levels. I personally prefer the raised post look as it really frames. But this is also a easier option without loosing the detail. The point is to find the joy in your make, you shouldn't have to fight it. Other wise you will burn out x


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