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Learn to Crochet


Tailoring Equipments


Join our crochet course -  Live online classes which are catered and designed to your needs as a student learning how to crochet for a lifetime. Our processes will be adapted for each class & student. Our aim is that you can crochet with us, with the beauty of many makes to come.  

We also have our NEW SUBSCRIPTION GROUPS with growing content, more patterns, tips, tricks and colour theory bitesize courses. You can obtain our standalone course for £25 per person, or pay £8 a month for full access to the growing library of learn to crochet courses. 


Learn to Crochet - Level 1

More than A 
Granny Square

Our level 1 Course, will work through the basic and fundamental methods of crochet. Teaching you to make your first granny square, which will in turn teach you....

  • How to hold your hook and wool, for a tension that suits the way in which you work. 

  • Understanding your tools and equipment.

  • Choosing the right wool for you. 

  • How to read simple patterns and identify stitches. 

  • Stitch placement & corners

  • How to identify mistakes and how you made them.

  • Working your squares together 

  • video support, group and email support

  • Working with you to find the right tool and wool that suits you best

  • understanding your tension and dexterity with your hook

Our course is worked over 6 weeks. Alternating between:- 

  • Your online program with over 20hrs of content, which you can follow each week so as to encourage and support your continued progress. 

  • The key to success is not what you do in class only, but what you do outside of class. As we're here to support you through the first blocks, if you don't hit them we can work through them with you. So practice and trying is key, the more problems you hit while your in your course, the more we can break it down and give you the best during your course. 

  • Homework and tasks will be set during this class

  • You will also have our fiddlesticks illustrated manual, with 3 styles of patterns and instructions. That will help you traverse the pattern world with ease. 

We can't guarantee your outcome, but we will give you everything we can in order for you to pursue this journey. The key aspect is to keep practicing whether its 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Don't just wait for your class... finding those small bits of time will make all the difference in muscle memory and your physical memory. You will also hit issues that you can then ask about in your class time.. so you're never alone facing a crochet problem.

Crochet is mediative, rhythmic and repetitive. Once you know those basic stitches and have a understanding of their anatomy. You will find stitch placement and stitch building simple. 

We have kits available. Along with varying hooks at different costs. However, we are seeing great results from our handmade hooks. These can be tried and tested in class and if you prefer we can make them for you, if you feel more confident with them. 

You may think your the one who can't crochet. Everyone who has every taught you, said it was hopeless. I can prove to you that's not true. I've taught many with varying issues and abilities that should have stopped them. Yet, despite this, they are making all kinds of things you would even imagine. 


Learn to Crochet - Level 2

Hexagon Chunky Cardigan

This is a nice progression from our level one course. We will be working with a hexagon design to complete your first piece of clothing. This course will be longer, so we can ensure that we finish and work through all the possible problems we may face as we work together. We will learn to: -

  1. Modify

  2. New stitches

  3. Thicker wool and larger tools

  4. Bringing pieces together. 

  5. Final finishes

  6. and soo much more! 

Your course will be worked over a 6 week duration. 3 classes with a week between to work on your pieces with remote support. 

We can supply a separate kit, or you welcome to build your own with our guidance should you need it. 



Learn to Crochet - Level 3

Boho Tote Bag & Waist Coat design

Our leve1 2 Course, will challenge you to make more complex granny squares as mini projects, or in this course we will be building a tote bag & boho waist coat with our templates and size guides.

Granny squares are so versatile, which is a great way to up level your skills via small project that works into something fabulous. DON'T let anyone tell you a granny square is boring. 

We will take the fear out of making clothing for yourself. Showing you that a blanket is not your limit. 

We've worked your course over 6 weeks using the same format as a;ll our courses. We believe that this allowing you to have great success, with the right amount of time to practice, along with information and videos you can keep referring back to.

* kit can be bought seperately. A itinerary will be sent out prior to your class with required equipment, so you can buy at your leisure. We will also be making kits with colour combos too. 


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