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Mind your own craft with the biggest of hearts....

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Hey there! Bet your wondering what I mean when I say

"Mind your own business! With the biggest of hearts.. in other words focus on you and be kind to yourself." I don't think enough of us, practice the art of being our own motivator.

Through out my time as freelance designer and photographer. I would work with other suppliers within the wedding industry.

Time and time again I would hear how they were soo focused on similar businesses, and were making choices based on their competition. That they would fail to see the bigger picture. Yet, there were those around them who loved what they did, and they had more success from their own choices, than trying to be someone or something they weren't.

Then they would ask, why does that work for them and not me? Well, simply put.. your not truly invested in what it is, because it doesn't really belong to you. So your connection and your passion are limited. That disconnect, was making them uncomfortable and in the long run, you will feel the same.

You'd probably think this only applies to that industry. But I've seen it every where... sometimes you may see something that reminds you to get your arse in gear. Or that you may need to change things up.... all of which I feel are more than OK, after all anything can act as a reminder. Reminders are every where and not always in our phone or diary.

The truth is nothing is truly original... so you and who ever else your focused on is also doing nothing majorly new. Ultimately, though your choices should be governed by you, which should mean your more committed to it. As my mom would say.. "Keep your eyes forward".. look at what your doing. P

Lets apply this thinking to us as crafters and being a forever student...

Same goes with our makes. Especially when we are learning.... be kind to yourself and master one thing at a time. You don't have to know everything straight away. Better to get something right, than to be half way there and struggle to make it again. Why? because if you end up hating that process, do you think you will try making it again? most likely answer is, no.

The way I look at things is this...

Think about a group of runners, all running races but separately.

You have the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and so on till you get to the marathon runner. What do they all have in common? Well they're all runners, and they are all running a race at their own speed. A speed at which they can run! Not everyone can do 100m in seconds... and not everyone can run 26 miles in under 2 hours.

Imagine if the 100m runner tried to run at the same speed he runs his races, over the same distance as the marathon runner for 26 miles. It would be impossible, and what if the marathon runner is better at pacing themselves than running full out over a shorter period of time?

My point is, you all have a speed at which you can achieve the best. Some will be quicker, others will be slower. Either one, is ok. There is no right or wrong. What there is though is the right pace for you to grow and achieve. Soo, mind your business and with the biggest of hearts be kind to yourself. If you are persistent, resilient and patient you will achieve all you set out to do. Beating yourself up, or focusing on the wrong things wont help you move forward. They will only distract you from the bigger picture, your goals. Do what you do, and do it with all your flair. Your unique flair and passion.

The more you practice, the more you try... will eventually lead to you finding your own style, and love of what you do. Your work and your choices will be easily recognised.

Believe me when I say, I still have to frog things back. I have made many makes that have not gone right. I have kept many of them as reminders, so I can see how far I have come. I make cakes too, and I have chucked many away, till the recipe was consistently right for me and my team. No one shows you the pain of their growth, but I guarantee you its there. Nothing comes from nothing... success and achievement come from those willing to dust themselves off.

Wipe the dust off your knees, and get up. Believe in yourself enough to know, that if you keep learning, keep trying, recognising those mistakes and why they happened, will help you work with anything you try to achieve. Its a lesson I've learnt well.

All the best... keep going my lovelies... no matter what you do. What sets you apart from others is the fact your unique.

Michelle x



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