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Confessions of a crafter!

Updated: Mar 12

The crafting world is pretty huge, it's no small fan club lets put it that way.

Yet, as a group we're looked on as boring, something only grannies will do, and the added comments of... " I wish I had the time to waste!" ....

To be honest, non of the above is true. Here are some myth busters, some of my own observations, with some facts.

Granny sqaures rock the young and old

Crafting has soo many pretties!

  1. We are far from boring! We may be quirky, and a little mad ( in a good way) but we differ in all kinds of ways. Non of us are exactly the same, but we bond over our love of makes. And we are certainly not grannies. In fact many of the older ones I know are younger minded. In fact, crafting is known to slow the on set of dementia!

  2. Our ages vary from one to the other, from young children to Grannies. Once you catch the bug, I can tell you now that you will find it hard to shake off.

  3. Most crafters, will have one or more than a few interests. I for one have quiet a few. But that's OK, so don't feel bad for it. It's more than normal, your creative.

  4. We can get lost on Pinterest and Tik Tok for days. Who doesn't let's be honest!

  5. WIP's (works in progress) no matter how good our intentions are to complete a project! We may have a few, may 6 or more projects started. I have a few, ok.. I lied, I have a lot. I can never just work on one, as I like to cleanse my head with a new project. So I can come back to each project refreshed.

  6. Did you know that you release happy hormones and natural anti depressants within your own body, when you craft. This is why us crafters are generally happy people.

  7. We don't waste time, we find time. In fact what we are doing based on point 6... is good for our mental health and well being. So finding the time is essential and will save many pills and bills.


How to make a happy crafter?

No stash of craft items is ever big enough, we can genuinely never have enough.

Work with them not against them. Little bit like a donkey with a carrot! I personally hate being torn away from the full flow of crafting. SOOO make any extended days out, a fun experience with at least a planned visit to the home of one or many crafting venues along your way. (plan your visits.... honestly were such big kids, we will most definitely be happy and we will be less grumpy for it).

Books, gadgets, craft items, are better than any bunch of flowers or chocolates!! (hint)


The many addictions of crafters...

Oh my! I really hope that Nicks skips this bit ( that's my hubby) but I have a few addictions for buying items that cover a wide area of creative niches.

" I love buying wool, sometimes not to even make anything! I just want to look at it and hope someday I will be inspired with enough courage to make something daring and different! "

Que........Hi my names Michelle and I have a couple of confessions as a crafter

  • I have a love, a serious love of all things stationery!

  • I love notebooks, and have some I've never written in!

  • I love wool. This alone is a hobby

  • I love crochet hooks and tools. I have a vast collection. Even though I still stick to my favourite

  • I can't ignore a useful tool! I may need it one day...

  • I'm a hoarder... I need to be brutal with myself, but you really never know!!

  • My project list is ever growing along with my pattern stash

  • I need to write my own patterns... but get soo nervous.

Well... I thinks enough declaring of ones crafting obsessions...

I'm a artist, photographer, cake maker & decorator and I'm a crocheter!! So its not as difficult as it sounds to accumulate so many bits & bobs. Espiecally when you look upon the world with a creative view. It's hard to stop yourself wanting to try everything.

Time to get cozy

Well I better get to it.....Tara a bit! ..... I have some crafting to do.... :) and alot of projects to finish ♥️♥️


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