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100 projects... or is Quality over Quantity... What say you?

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Obviously I know which one you want to answer? Of course, its quality. Soo... I guess the next point is how do we achieve it. Without jumping from one project to the next, which can be costly at times. Rather than being over excited, or overwhelmed by possible makes, work on mastering your skills. It's not about how much you make, but how well you make it. As there is no right speed... there is only your speed. So don't feel bad by how fast someone else learns.. if you're a person who takes your time finding your confidence and happy place.

So I've put these mindset skills together which I believe compliment your journey as a maker, and should ensure that your makes are the quality you hope and work for. It's also about being kind to yourself too, and making time for the makes you want to make. Hopefully, these tips will help you, as they have us.

PATIENCE - is key. It's really easy to get supper excited and jump from one project to another. Which is something I really have to try and cultivate more of. I've now organised each project with the tools, wool and notes in a bag or basket per project. Soo that I can jump straight in without any hassel, with everything which is required for that particular project being together.

Patience, is also about slowing down, and making sure your counting, checking your pattern stage by stage, before you go to the next row. Meaning less mistakes.

MOTIVATION - keep your self motivated. The minute you loose interest you will find your make will suffer. In order to keep yourself in the flow, do a little at a time. 30min - 1hr a day or every other day.

PROCRASTINATION - avoid it!! Seriously, never think you have more time that you have. Start your projects asap and that includes orders. You finish one, and you start the next. Even if you know you'll be done ahead of time. This way if you get ill, or you run out of wool you have time to solve it. Procrastination is not your friend, and if you leave your make to late, you effect the quality of your make... because rushing what you love will deflate you, leave you with self doubt, and wishing you could or should have changed something. I make orders or projects and leave them sitting for a few days so I can observe any issues or changes with time.

WARM UP - what? this is not keep fit. Well its not, your right. Yet, you are using your hands and fingers. A few warm up exercises will help you work smoothly. Especially if you've never used a wool or hook before. I recommend working the chain stitch. Do between 20-30. Until they are consistent. Or have a sample peace with scrap wool, and work a few rows before you start your official make. This helps you find a rhythm and smoothness to your stitch placements.

ROUTINE - set a time aside where you know you wont be disturbed. Create a space where you can leave your work safely, where you can be organised. A place where you can concentrate. For me this is 9pm. Everything is done, dinner is cooked and washed up. I'm showered and pj's are on, cup of tea to hand. While the house seems settled, I can use this time as mine, even if you have a hour or two of undisturbed time, that will allow you to find your creative flow. When you have that rhythm you will find the quality and consistency of your stitches will be great. Finding your time may differ to mine, so try to identify what works best for you. There's no point trying to work when, your being asked lots of questions, trying to cook, clean or rest from a long day. All that will happen is your frustrated, and that will effect how you work, how your stitches look, leaving you feeling exasperated and not wanting to continue.

JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE ASKS.... yes!! just because someone asks, doesn't mean you have to say yes. If its out of your comfort zone, then look at what they're asking first. Weigh it up, and consider whether you would feel comfortable working on something that may over challenge you. I'm not saying don't challenge yourself. What I will say, is master what you do before you take the next challenge. And if you do challenge yourself, do it for you first. Don't make a promise you can't keep, to the level you want to achieve. Draw and plan your make out, so you have a clear idea of what you want to do. This always helps me, and then I can write notes as I go, about what I could change if I ever make this item again.

Sooo... what am I saying? well, don't create unnecessary stress. It will effect how you feel? how you make? It will steal away you creative mojo, and you will find you burn yourself out. Choose to make what you know, you will enjoy. Your probably thinking, so just play safe. Yes and no, my years of teaching, has seen many students over challenge their selves, leaving them deflated and loosing hope. We've gone back to basics, to build up their self belief. Proving that they are capable. There are many projects / patterns that are simple yet soo effective. They're great for getting your teeth into, and are quick to work up.

Next blog, we will be releasing new patterns, with our new wool. We also have some offers on wool as well. Lots more to share with you.... We can't wait!!

Stay calm, stay safe, and take your time!!

ALl our love

Michelle & Meg


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