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Never underestimate who you are... or what you can do!

I don't care who you are, unless your a stone.. we all yearn for creativity in some way. We all have a need to express who we are, by the choices we make. Whether we choose to express ourselves through someone else's make or our own, or by supporting others.. are all parts of creativity. Well, That's just me.

Painting is among my first loves. This is a simple painting, just a sketch and painted using gouache. A study of our little fiddlesticks.

I've heard many say, I don't have a creative bone in my body. Yet, in that same breath, I notice the colours they have chosen to wear, or the room they decorate, or the gift they buy. You may not be a maker, but you may be a buyer, an investor, an admirer. Either way, you are part of a chain of events, you may even be someone's muse, someone's courage. My point is, your part of their circle, their validation for continuing to keep making.

Some may admire and invest in someone's work, because they recognise the beauty and talent in their skills and their love of whatever it is that invoked in your a desire to appreciate something so special. In itself is recognition, which boils down to a creative eye. It's there, that creativity lives. In that very small spot, and if you were to nurture it, to help it grow, by giving that spark the nurture. You would be surprised at what you could achieve.

My sons desert table. If you'd have asked me a year ago about this. I may have passed out. Making cakes and 100s. .. was something I researched, watched, read, and the kept practicing everything that I found. Before I knew it I was doing this.

Talent is not what makes our skills what they are. It's the ability to see our spark, to battle through our mistakes, to continue to practice, even though we may have hit many blocks, many walls, yet still be able to evoke our passions consistently.

Our gift, our talent is to keep our passion alive. To trust the process, to try, to be resilient, to see the end goal and to keep striving forward. Before we know it 20 years have passed and we are making without thinking.

Do not think, that at the beginning we may have thought, this is not for me. I know I have, I know I have many many interests. Some I pick up more than others, and some I'll come back to another time.

What is #art? What is #crafting? What is #creativity?

Do we simply define it as, something #exceptional. Is that exceptional to a group or everyone, or just one. Does it really matter if it is.. or it isn't. Does the gardner growing vegetables for the first time, not see the first sprouts of their labour, and feel wonderful that just one tomato has grown. Then years down the line, they have bunches of tomatoes, crops of all kinds of vegetables. To me That's also art, craft, because it takes skills, passion and experience. When you go to a flower show and you see how they have arranged those fruits and veg, into rainbows of colours, in all kinds of shapes. It's amazing! That huge gigantic leek or onion... amazing!

Painting with felt, was a new concept. But the 3d texture, the movement and shapes was mindful and relaxing.

For me my greatest skill is passion. Its my fuel and my driving force. I love to feel passionate about anything. That yearning to try, to be amazed, to be inspired, to feel astonished and admiration in the skills and achievements of others, and most definitely my students. I know their stories, and know their hardships and to see them learn, develop and challenge themselves makes me super proud.

Students, new and old can be a challenge. Stripping back what you've learnt to be a palatable medium for them to understand, and communicate with. Can be daunting, but when their passion sparks, and awakens, it also fuels me too.

Handmade hooks, these were some of my first attempts and taking the textures to the next level.

Just lately, my memories have been popping up and I thought this is the time to share and think about why some succeed and others don't. It's not skill, it's not a gift, it's not talent. You've probably guessed it. Its passion, practice, and perseverance. The 3 p's. These are the key elements that will be what help you succeed. Keep your 3p's and you will nurture the creativity, initiating that spark and before you know it.. you will have a crafty addiction to whatever genre you choose.

whether it's #gardening, #painting, #decorating, #styling, #knitting, #crochet, #sketching, #cardmaking, #sewing, #baking.. or nurturing those around you.

This was taken at the bottom of Cadir, North wales. A Slow exposure, I loved this day. Just being creative with my camera, outside of my professional shoots at the time, was a restful break.

Never underestimate who you are, it's never too late to add to your bow of tricks... we all have a hidden something within us. Michelle xxx



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