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Fiddlesticks Parties & Events

All of our cakes are made in our 5* rated kitchen, by our in house team. 

At fiddlesticks we can offer our cozy coffee room for parties & events. We can seat up to 15-18 persons per group inside, at this current time. We can also host parties in our private garden space. 

Meet The Cakes

Price list 

Prices start from..

£40 Sunday best ( 1 layer cake, standard design based on flavour choice)  

£50 Sunday best ( 2 layer cake, standard design based on flavour choice)

£60 Cookie Madness cake ( 1 layer cake, with a giant cooker topper or middle section, with a combination of  ganache or homemade sauces).

£75 Tall Drip cake ( Perfect hight for highly decorated cakes) 

£95 Novelty cakes in varying shapes, hights, fondant modeling, covering etc 


Prices are dependent on the requirements of your cake and choices. Therefore prices may vary slightly. We do our best to stay as closely as we can to the our set prices. We will however guide you and explain any price differences based on your request.

*Please email


Food Allergies & Intolerances 

The reason we rate a 5 is because of our hazzard management in regards to allergens.

We take it very seriously how we manage products that may be considered in the minority, but can be a health hazard to someone with a allergy or intolerance. 

  1. We're NOT a gluten free kitchen.  We can substitute ingredients for others. But we will NEVER say that they are free from all allergens. This is because our kitchen is small, and despite how good we clean and maintain our working area. We can't eliminate everything from our hazzard list, including the kitchen sink. 

  2. If your allergy is moderate to severe we will openly advise you that the risk is high, and therefore may recommend that we do not serve you. 

  3. All that being said... Any cakes which contain allergens are kept separate, including our free from range. 

  4. Our free from range is vegan friendly, it's good for those who may want to eliminate elements from their diet or who have mild intolerances managed through diet.   

  5. We cook our free from range by pre-order only

If you have a dietary requirement, intolerance, or allergy. Please talk to a member of staff prior to agreeing any orders. They will advise and guide you in the process, and record all needs for our hazzard managment when preparing and cooking food. 

**Please note, that they must be noted in any email regarding food orders.**

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