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Please call the shop between 9:30am - 3pm 

Emails will be answered within 24 hours, after 6pm on a evening. 

Bookings for afternoon or breakfast platters must be ordered no later than 10am the morning, before the day of your booking. Whether for collection or eat in. By all means call us during our opening times to ensure we can achieve your booking with the time given.  

Although we do welcome walk ins, we can't always guarantee a table for persons above 5 or more. Please call prior to coming, and a team member will guide you on times, and dates if needed. 

As we are a intimate space, we do struggle with multiple prams & high chairs. As this takes up space and can create a safety issue for staff and fellow customers. As we wouldn't want to offend or create a issue, please can we ask that if you are able to leave your prams in our garden area, we will be better able to accommodate your needs. 


Our food is freshly made in our Fiddlesticks kitchen. Each order is made to order, we do not hot hold food. Its cooked fresh to the table. 

Hey my lovelies.. I'm sure you have lots of questions to ask. So to help here are some of our most asked questions. 

  • Do we have to book a table or can we walk in to the coffee shop? No you don't have to book. You can do either, although our coffee house is not huge. This may mean on busy times we may not be able to offer you a space. We do recommend that any parties over 4 persons, phone ahead or book prior to your visit. But you are more than welcome to walk in. 

  • Do you make celebration cakes? and how much notice do I need to give? Yes, we make celebration cakes with the finest ingredients. Our cakes are given a lot of love, as we are perfectionists in both the flavour and the look.  Soo, the sooner you let us know your dates the better, but we can never say we can't, best to ask you never know. We have an array of cakes, that start from £25 upwards. 

  • Do you have hold parties? We do. We can cater up to 18 comfortably in our coffee shop, and in summer months we can cater for more in our garden. We can also provide crafts for a unique party, which suits any age. From baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries,  to children's craft & food parties. 

  • Do you do gluten free items? We use gluten free alternatives upon request. We do not stock or make items to be held in our counter, due to the fear of cross contamination and hazard management. We like inform all of our customers in regards to requests for allergen free items. That even though we can make such items, they are not 100% risk free. Our kitchen is small, and we work with many ingredients, which means its impossible to rule out all trace elements. If you have a severe allergy, we would recommend finding a supplier that solely works in allergen free cakes. 

  • Do you do Vegetarian Afternoon teas? We do. Our platters or teas are more bake based to provide more of a variety in your afternoon tea. This includes Sticky potatoes, baked mini caramelised onion tart, Cheesy puffs sticks, Cheese and chutney parcel, Mini slice sandwiches, crisps, salad, chutney. The sweet additions are a mini cream tea and cake slice. 

  • Do you have any gluten free options on your menu, and with your platter? We don't really. Although we will try to accommodate and create you a option that suits you. Again, this is dependent on your condition. If you have a severe allergy, we would recommend no. This is due to your meal or items being prepared at the same time as gluten items, which puts you at to high a risk. If its a preference because you eating clean, we can work with this and create you warm salads or other alternatives to bread, or pastries. Please let us know ahead of your booking so we can prepare items for you. This may occur a deposit based on this request. Afternoon teas are difficult, due to them being so heavily based around bread and pastries. If we have more than 2 per party, we would be happy to source items which are gluten free alternatives. For one person in the group, we would look at our current menu and work alterative based on readily available products to produce a unique item for you, which wouldn't incur to much wastage. 

  • Can we order takeaway food? Yes, you can order takeaway food. As our food is cooked fresh to you, with in a already working service in our eat in coffee shop. You will find that our waiting time for food is not the same as a fast food or takeaway service. If you want fresh, home cooked food, then we are for you. Call prior to your order and we will give you a time to collect. Or you can sit and enjoy a hot drink inside, or in our Fiddlesticks garden.

How do I book?

To book you have a variety of methods. If you wish to book for the next day, please call our shop during opening hours. Otherwise you can email us here, or message via the social media pages. 

Thanks for submitting!

oh Flopping Fiddlesticks , 21 Louise Street, Gornal, DY3 2 UA

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