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How many times have your tried to learn to crochet? 0, 1, 100's of times? Did a relative or family friend try to teach you and then say its impossible? Or do you admire all those makes, but never get the opportunity?

The Cherry Bakewell crochet blanket - FREE crochet pattern - learn to crochet

What if I told you anything is possible and nothing is impossible? What If I said nothing is perfect, but practice will improve everything you do, every time you do it? What if I said your Nan, Aunty or mother were wrong? and what if I said you biggest problem is whether you're determined and passionate enough.. that skill, talents or gifts don't happen without the those first two elements. Crochet is not just for the apt of hand, anyone with any conditions can learn to crochet.

Why are some people talented or gifted?

I would say its the power of their will & interest. If you keep admiring something, eventually that admiration will turn into a willingness and desire to further your interest.

If you have that alone, even 5% of that will power you to push through those first stages of learning something completely knew.

Because wanting to learn and having to learn are to different things entirely. When you want something, when you have goals you have a clear direction of what you want to achieve.

 Learn to crochet

We have opened up our books, to offer two new classes on a Thursday and Saturday. The classes are covered over 3 weeks, in that time we encourage you to practice as much as you can between lessons. So that we can ensure you have all the support during your classes, and this is also so you can keep moving forward from lesson 1.

The rewards of learning something new is vast. Suddenly you have a new purpose, new friendships, new goals and ideas of inspiration. A new community of friends, that you have a common interest in. Aligning your interest with like minded ones, and have a positive effect on your well being.

At Fiddlesticks, we have worked hard to create a designated experience for crafters. Combining our love of crafts, gifts, coffee and food under one roof. We hope that if you decide to learn new crafts, that you will choose us to host your first chapter into a world of creativity and colour.

Gornal Craft & coffee shop, where you can learn to crochet till your hearts content

Our classes include a workshop in a box and full access to our online program for you to follow, which when completed you receive a certificate.

 Learn to crochet on a weekend, where you can enjoy a summers afternoon in the garden.

All you need to do, is choose the colour way that suits you best. Which colour way? Well I would choose what brings you joy... because learning should be fun. We're hoping to host all classes in our courtyard garden, if the weather is suitable. Or we shall be working inside our coffee house.

 Learn to crochet - colour way choices - Citrus Orchard

 Learn to crochet - colour way choices - Summer Sunsets

 Learn to crochet - colour way choices - Lavender Fields

 Learn to crochet - colour way choices - Santorini Breeze

 Learn to crochet - colour way choices - Unicorn Wishes

 Learn to crochet - colour way choices - Sunflower Fields

 Learn to crochet - colour way choices - HoneyBee Pots

 Learn to crochet - colour way choices - Pink Clouds

 Learn to crochet - colour way choices - Project Bag and crochet Kit

A example of one of our project bags and potential kits (above image is not a exact replica of your kit)


We can't wait to hear from you

Michelle & Meg




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