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The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE pattern - Chapter Six- Panel 1 & 3

Updated: Jan 29

The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE

In chapter 6 we will be working in 4 panels, Yes Panels! Which means that:-

'The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket pattern' will be worked in turning rows from one corner to the other, without working into the corner space. The blanket is getting rather big now, which can make things a tad tedious & heavy, working this way allows the design to be easier to work.

So we've broken the next few chapters into segments and smaller projects. To make it more plateable and enjoyable.

We're going to be guiding you through new more complex stitches.. and at times you may be frustrated with me. But!!! Please be patient, you can do this.


The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - free crochet pattern

The waffle panel - row 1- (colour birch)

double crochet (175)

The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE
  • In this section of our midnight pumpkin patch blanket, we will be work each panel on the turn. In other words, we will work a row and then turn the blanket, working from the right side facing to the wrong side. This is super important to remember, because creating textures will be based on how our stitch lies.

  • To start with we will need to work 175 stitches, from one corner to another.

  • We will be working double crochets.

The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE
  • Working with your work right side facing (this is front side of your blanket) place a stitch marker in just so you know and don't get confused.

  • Start you row with ch1

  • 1dc into the corner space

  • *6dc into the next 6 stitches

  • skip the stalk and work the next 6 stitches to the next stalk

  • REPEAT *6dc, skip stalk, and work next 6dc

  • FINISH - 7 dc to the corner space.

  • cut your wool.


The waffle panel - row 2 - (colour birch)

half treble (175)

The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE

  • Turn you work so its wrong side facing

  • work half trebles into the next 175 stitches.


The waffle panel - row 3 (colour birch)

fp-tr (front post treble) bp-tr (back post treble) (175)

part one (of the two row pattern repeat)

The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE

  • right side facing

  • start with a turning ch2

  • 1 fp-tr around the first stitch post below

  • 2 bp-tr around the next two stitch posts

  • 1 fp-tr around the next stitch post

  • *REPEAT - 1fp-tr, 2 bp-tr, 1 fp-tr*

  • Continue to the end.

  • (follow the video for guides and tips)


The waffle panel - row 4 - (colour birch)

bp-tr (back post treble) & half treble (175)

part two (of the two row pattern repeat)

The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE
  • start with the wrong side facing

  • We're now going to work the second part of the repeat for the waffle pattern

  • Each row follows a 3 stitch pattern repeat (bp-tr, 2 htr)

  • So from front post stitches when we worked the right side facing, we will now be working the reverse from the opposite side.

  • so... from the wrong side facing you may be able to identify which stitch was the front post treble and the back post treble.

  • I've added two pictures to help you identify the stitches from the front and the back.

The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE
  • The first picture shows you the right side facing. The first blue arrow is the fp-tr, the lighter blue is the bp-tr (which is the method that gives you the raised ridge of the box that you can see)

  • The second picture is the wrong side. You can clearly see the two raised stitches, these are the back of the bp-tr you created.

  • The red arrow shows the recess of the fp-tr we created.

  • Once you know this you can without following the pattern, instinctively know where each stitch belongs.

  • The bp-tr (lives where the recessed fp-tr is, you place your stitch around this post.

  • the 2htr, work into the stitch head of the raised bp-tr. This gives you the flat base for the centre of your waffle square.

The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE


  • (row 3 - 1ST ROW RIGHT SIDE FACING, turning ch2, and work a fp-tr around the first post of the row below.

  • 2 bp-tr around the next two posts

  • fp-tr around the next post.

  • REPEAT : *{fp-tr, 2 bp-tr}


  • start your row with a turning ch2

  • work bp-tr (around the fp-tr from the previous round)

  • 2 htr )into the previous bp-tr)

  • repeat this method to the end.


  • 3 ( right side fancing) front post row 1

  • 4 (wrong side) back post row 2

  • 5(rs) front post row 1

  • 6 (ws) back post row 2

  • 7 (rs) front post row 1

  • (wrong side) FINISH ROW 8 with turning chain of 2, work first htr into same stitch. Htr along the entire row (175st)


the garden wall - row 9 - (colour rustic pink)

double crochet (RS) (175)

The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE

  • This is a simple row. (right side facing)

  • start a turning ch1

  • dc into the same stitch

  • dc all the way across to the end (175st)


the mushroom patch - row 10, 11, 11A- MUSHROOM patch- (colour champagne, mauve & birch)

The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE
  • Because we're changing the colour to champagne. We can continue working from the front.

  • ROW 11

  • Mushroom base

  • start with a ch2 into the first stitch, and work a treble into the same stitch space

  • skip 4 stitches, and ch 4

  • **Work 3tr into the next 3 stitches

  • skip 4, ch 4

  • **REPEAT TO THE END, Finish with one treble into the last stitch.

The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE
  • change colour to MAUVE

  • ROW 11

  • Mushroom top

  • (follow the video for direction)

  • Start with a ch2 turning chain, work 1tr into in the same stitch space

  • Work 6 chains

  • 1st loop around into the stitch space

  • then 3 loops per stitch head

  • last loop into the chain space

  • *REPEAT - 6ch, and then your 12 loops per mushroom base.

  • finish with 1tr into the last stitch head.

The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE
  • ROW 11a

  • colour change to BIRCH

  • This is probably the hardest part as it may be super fiddly. If you struggle you can side step this section.

  • Please use the video's to help guide you.

  • I have created a extra video to support you.


the garden fence - row 12 - 13 (colour fox) (175)

The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE
  • Change colour to *fox

  • Start in the corner with a ch2 and dc into the same space work 2 dc around the frame work. (*please note that the video has a mistake in the first part. Please follow the pattern here, and create the first post before the first mushroom)

  • 1 double double treble - fp, into the 3rd stitch head of the rustic pink row.

  • 1 fp-dc around the pumpkin top.

  • 2dc around the frame

  • 1 double double treble - front post into the centre of the 4 stitches from row 61 in rustic pink.

  • 2dc

  • 1 fp-dc around the pumpkin. *REPEAT TO THE END

  • ROW 13 - ch2 turning chain HTR into the same stitch, HTR into each stitch head, from start to finish


the garden fence part two - 14 (colour BIRCH)


(please follow the video to help with stitch placement)

  • Starting with rustic pink, make a turning ch2, 1 dc into the same stitch space

  • 1dc into the next stitch

  • 1 dtr-fp (double treble - front post) around the punchy pink. Make sure you skip the stitch behind this post (as it belongs to this stitch)

  • 5dc into the next stitch heads

  • and then work another dtr-fp

  • *REPEAT 5dc, 1dtr-fp to the end and then finish into the last 2dc

ROW 16 - NOW WE'RE GOING TO CROSS OUR FRONT POSTS IN THE NEXT ROW. We will be working with a double - double - treble - front post (ddtr-fp) Please watch the video to understand the stitch placement.

  • We will be working right side facing. So cut you wool, and start from the right side of your work with all the textures facing you.

  • start with a turning chain of 2, work 1htr into the same space

  • 1htr into next stitch

  • 1 ddtr-fp worked around the second punchy pink post so that its at angle. Again skip stitch behind this post which is on the row your working.

  • 5 htr

  • *REPEAT ddtr-fp, 5htr untill the end.




  • because we will be working in the same wool colour.

  • Turn you work so its wrong side facing and work

  • the next row in HTR all the way across

  • cut wool at the end.

  • Panel one is complete.


PANEL 3 ( repeat the pattern)

  • You will need to recreate this panel on the opposite side to this panel.

  • Check your working in the correct area, with the blanket facing up.

  • Repeat this section from the top.


As a tip, I would work the next panel in this pattern next. Any issues you've faced wont be so difficult. Make sure you keep a count of your stitches as you go. You should have 175, if you do this per row, making sure you can correct any mistakes before you move on.

I know you've most likely hit some obstacles along the way, as its not the easiest of patterns with so many textures. Take your time be patient. Have a sample swatch to hand so you can practice before you work your blanket, this way your hands and mind will retain the movement and know what to do.

lots of love

Michelle & Meg



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