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Fiddlesticks Crochet Course is covered over a 6 week period. 


There are 3 fornightly classes, with our online program to mirror everything we teach in class to support your learning remotely. We encourage all students to practice during the 14 days till the next class. This way we can support your journey with more indepth techniques based on the blocks you may hit during your time with us. Its essential that you practice outside of class in order for you to progress and keep progressing. 


We have designed the class with a minimum of 3 classes per session. For some this is perfect, and for some they may require a further 3 classes to complete and find there flow. Additional classes will be based on the fact that you have already completed level 1a, and level 1b will be a different price structure based on this £50 as this is a more supportive teaching role. Our aim is your success, everyone learns at different rates, but everything is possible. 


your course contains... 

Our beautiful workshop in a box

Our online programe with our 20hrs of teaching material, videos and instructions.

6hrs of face to face teaching in our shop with standard refreshments included. 





FRIDAY 1.30pm (12th of jan, 26th Jan, 9th feb) 



Thursday - 11th of Jan, 25th Jan, 8th Feb)


** Please note that missed classes will not be refunded as there is a schedule to the class, and sits cannot be filled once the course has started. 

Fiddlesticks 6 week -Crochet Course

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