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You can now pre-order your packs before the 19th of October, for our Pattern launch November 4th. You can order via our website, for collection or shipping. Updates will be given along the way so you can be sure to be ready for your latest Autumn make.

This blanket is huge, making it the perfect make to keep you warm. We have broken the pattern down into over 7 Chapters, which include the main blanket, 3d stitches, panels, granny squares and the border! We may have one off project to work the rest of your scraps as well!

*Please note that the approximation of the wool used within the pattern and colour packs is based on a average tension gauge. If you are a looser crocheter, you may require more along the way.

*Hook sizes may vary for your personal needs. If you're a tight crocheter you may find a slightly larger hook works better for the flex and drape of your blanket. Yet on the other hand you may find a looser crocheter can drop the size of there hook. If you need our help, please pop in the shop and we can support you.


PLEASE NOTE, THAT THIS IS PRE-ORDER ONLY. This is due to us ordering the stock. Your order will be shipped after the 4th of november. 

Midnight Pumpkin Patch Blanket

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