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Welcome to our little slice of woolly heaven

Fiddlesticks was established in October 2019. We opened with a small selection of small selection of wool and gifts for home. The shop sparkled and was received with such warmth. For us Fiddlesticks, will always be about love. 

Now we have a larger selection, with new ranges from Sirdar, Stylecraft, Kingcole, and James c Brett. From 3ply, to seriously chunky. We have carefully looked at colour ways that we feel suit a more modern flavour.


Now that lockdown has eased, our workshops are back on and our going from strength to strength.  


"For us a wool shop is a experience! A place where the Ooo's and awww's live, and where balls are to be squished, and craft is a must!. Our ethos is to help guide, inspire, encourage and to happy dance with you"

We're just a little craft shop, trying to make a difference. Adding what we  hope will be more choice and options for a growing creative community within the West midlands. 

Yoga at Home

Mindfulness - dopamine the happy hormone

Crafting is now being recognised for its part in helping many who suffer with stress and mental health. Its been found to release the same hormone produced when meditating. 

"Crafting is a nonmedicinal way to stimulate dopamine, which ultimately makes you feel happy. In a study of 3,500 knitters, researchers found that 81 percent of knitters with depression perceived that knitting made them feel happier."

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