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A mindful way to learn.... 

At fiddlesticks, we've tried to combining new skills with the art of mindfulness. Creating a teaching format and a method that we believe, given time will ensure your makes. 

Each course is designed over 3 week chunks. Some of you may manage to accomplish everything you need in that time frame. However, others may wish to have more class time, to continue their learning and finish. 

We will advise you as best as we can, but we will also add resources to the group along with our carefully designed booklets. This way all of our teaching techniques, using physical methods, verbal, visual and reading. Should suit each and everyone, no matter your learning skills, abilities or any underlying conditions. 

"There is no set speed for learning something new. You are all runners running different races. Some 100m, 200m, 400m and some of you will be marathon runners. You are all runners, no matter the distance or speed. Our job is to guide, inspire and encourage you along the way."

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