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Mindful journaling is about documenting the world around you through creative expression. Whether through letters, letterforms, sketching, doodles, pattern making, scrapbooking, photography.... the forms you can use to record your world around you is endless. 

Mindful Journaling

£75 - Online class
( dates coming soon)
  • 3 Online classes - 2hrs long per session ( 6hrs)


Creative & Mindful


Come and enjoy learning the mindful creativity of mindful 

journaling. Over 4 weeks we will work with you to learn the basic skills of sketching, painting and doodling. Classes will be combined online, with a practical class go for a walk with a cream tea picnic, bring your own flask and enjoy fresh scones and clotted cream in a woodland setting. 


Mindful Journaling & Sketching

At Fiddlesticks, we will help you look at your world in creative details. Taking the bigger picture, while learning to focus on a smaller world away from the daily hustle and bustle. You can start a Journal at any time of the year, it may be for you holiday, mental health, a milestone in your life... what ever you choose is entirely up to you. 

In this 3 week course we will set tasks outside of class, which will then be worked on in your class sessions, to create finished pieces.  We will work on 

  • Creating textures in mixed media

  • Sketching & 

  • Pen work

  • Free-form Letter forms

  • Making visual notes

  • Stickers  & Scrap-booking 

Course Cost £85 - 

3 week course -  consisting of  4 hours of online technical classes, live and interactive. With the 3rd class be a local walk, sketching on the go. Using the basic techniques taught on your online classes. 

(Equipment won't be supplied. But we will give you a list of items you can buy and find. This way you can create your own budget and find the tools that work for you best) 


Capture the Beauty


" There is no perfect painting, or moment. Don't wait for it to happen. Find your own way, imitate your own style... don't race to win someone else's race, take pleasure in your own progressive skills"

Michelle, Fiddlesticks. 


Creating your own world with your own creative marks. 

There are lots of ways to record the world you see. Most importantly, you don't have to be the best artist in order to do it either. Sketching and doodling, are quick ways to express how you feel, think or perceive the world around you. Its a great way of switching off and just doing something that distracts your mind. So it's very mindful, and active way of mediation but with a positive act production to be proud of at the end of it. 

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