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Hey there lovely crafters! 

I'm the other half of the Fiddlesticks team, a dream started by a Mother & Daughter team. My names Michelle, I'm 43 years old...  I'm a dibbler and dabbler of all things creative.. well eventually I just might. 

Despite my training in art school,  my school journey has not been easy. 

I hated school, I found it oppressive in soo many ways.  Yet, graphics, art, technology we're my places of comfort. My brain worked differently. I can say that now, as I now know who I truly am. Its been a journey of discovery and living my instinct from a young age. 

Art will always be my place of sanctuary, calming my soul in the stormiest of times. From being bullied pretty much my whole school life, to anchoring myself in my passion when others told me I wasn't good enough. 

I was told when I desired and dreamed of going to school, that my grades wouldn't get me there. I resisted everything they said, my passion was rooted deep in my heart. Thank goodness that despite my painfully shy, self doubting personality back then was only a thin layer covering a much more stubborn me. I didn't listen, in stead I made those who mattered listen to my wants. 

I didn't get enough to get the course I wanted, but I still had my place on the course I wanted.

Life had other plans and in 1997 I married the bestest friend I could ask for. In 1998 we welcomed my daughter and 2000 we welcomed my son. Life was busy and fulfilling, but I had a itch I needed to scratch. I was missing being creative. 

This where I decided that my life was holding me back, I was. So, rather than wait for a return to college and my learning journey. That I would be my own teacher. This was the start of my self-teaching journey. While I remained at home, supporting my family. I grew as a artist. 

Developing my skills in soo many crafts. As my children grew and became more independent, I returned to college. Studying photography in 2009. 

Before I had even completed my course, I had started work as a Wedding & portrait photographer. Which then led me back to my graphic & design days and I was editing for a Wedding magazine.  In 2016 ..... which I reflect on as possibly the worst decision as a creative person can make! I decided I wanted a real job. I wanted to prove to myself I was cooperate material. I actually believed I wasn't worth or qualified, and felt like a imposter. Till I realised my life experience, building a business, reverse engineering my own teaching to fully understand how things worked... etc. Would set me apart. In stead I felt trapped by a company that lacked foresight and didn't want my or anyone else's energy. They went bust in 2018. Releasing me from a wage that kept me anchored. 

So here I am... teaching like I always wanted... inspiring, educating and helping those with anxiety to believe in themselves, to trust there creative processes. 

Well that's me... I'm not perfect, for I am always learning, always watching. 

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Its hard to say how long... when I did I start.. 

its more when do I not. I've been creatively driven since I was able to hold a pencil. My happy place is any art & craft shop. 

Do I have too many hobbies? Is my room to small for everything I do? yes! 

But while one craft sleeps, another awaits to wake me back up. I admire soo many things, that if it was possible I would do them all. 

So, who knows! 

I started teaching art classes in 2007 before I became a photographer. Until we started fiddlesticks in 2019. I can't tell you how scared I was of teaching a class. I was never formally trained in textiles, or how to crochet. Someone showed me how to do it when I was 13. They skipped the starting bit and how to finish. There was no you tube, and I wasn't the best at understanding books. It looked weird and the numbers odd. I didn't even know the stitch I was creating, I just remembered the movement. 

I did know every mistake I'd made, every tear of frustration, and I knew how badly I wanted to be able to do it! What I do know is that you will also feel the same. Maybe that's why I am persistent and know that you can. Nothings impossible. 

The best comment I ever heard and has always kept me going... "the painter that fails, is the one that fails to paint"

Who am I? I'm a artist, a cake maker, a photographer, a crocheter, a painter, an imagineer... I've been this for 43 years. 

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