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#1 - FIDDLESTICKS CAL - "Cherry Bakewell Blanket CAL”. COMING SOON...

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Well we have some exciting news! Even more so for those that are looking for a SPRING project, to clear out those winter blues. We have a inspired Kath Kidston colour way. This pattern is about pure enjoyment. It's not about making a blanket to match your home, it's about making a blanket that soothes and makes your inner heart smile. Which is exactly how I felt making it.. the wool feels amazing, it's a joy to work with. It's a thick double knit, and has a fab structure. From a sensory point of view, its checks all my lists.

I've added simple stitches and complex ones, to challenge you on stitch placement, reading patterns.. and all that jazz.

Are you a beginner? if you are that's great, because I wrote this pattern for you. I've explained everything as much as I can, maybe more than I should. BUT! I feel this important in your learning journey. I hope, that your will go on to progress and try lots of patterns.

The cal will be released May 1st, you can pre-order your kit from April 7th. Packs must be ordered by March 28th - 31st so we can ensure we have all the stock ordered and made ready for you. We can't wait to share everything we're up too..

The CAL will be a issued as a free pattern, which will be added on our blog once every 3 weeks, so you should have a enough time to work all your rows, amongst your everyday stuff. The CAL will be supported by videos & demos. You will learn new stitches, understand stitch placement, as well as enjoying live videos in our crochet group on fakebook. I also hope that I can help you understand how to modify as you go, using tips and tricks to support you. We will have a group for fiddlesticks CALs, which will be free. But we can problem solve together, when you hit those crafty blocks.

We have 3d stitches, a cupcake border, puff stitches, bobble stitches and so much more.

We have other colourways as well which are Cath Kidston inspired as well.

Use the link below to pre-order your kit in the way that suits you.

The full pattern book & accessories will be live July 10th 2023.

Pre-order your pack here for collection or delivery. Please add delivery to your cart, so we can process it this way. Collections will be allocated to our open days and times only.

Can't wait to meet you! Xx


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