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The Midnight Garden FREE CROCHET BLANKET pattern - WEEK FIVE

Updated: May 7, 2023

Free crochet garden pattern

Wow! I can't believe we're working, the border from our the midnight garden free crochet blanket pattern - week five

I'm sorry this section has been delayed for you, with bank holidays and being struck with a chest infection. I've been flagging finding the energy to be creative. It can be hard sometimes to just find your mojo and flow. So, if you've ever lost what I like to call my crojo, your not alone, it happens to everyone.

In the meantime... lets get started on week five, The Midnight garden crochet blanket pattern.

We've had lovely feedback on free the midnight garden crochet pattern, and I know some of you have struggled. That's ok.. you know I want to help you and I will do my best to support you. Because of this we've adapted and made changes to help, and updated the pattern. Your support and feedback will help future makers. So thank you..

On top of this we've also  had issues with sirdar discontinuing 35 colours. It's sad, because part of this is due to the earthquake in Turkey, which has effected manufacturing and certain colour ways. Some colours will have to be changed, while others are on there way.

So lets recap, and look at what's next in our final chapter of week 5.

Free crochet garden pattern
Bobble flower crochet stitch

We finished off on row 55, where

we worked 4 tr into each chain space, with standard granny square corner clusters into

each corner. Now we will begin building our border colours, so that we finish with punchy contrasts.

ROW 56 (1 row) double crochet (Colour change to pistachio or lime)

  • Start in the corner, 1ch, 3 ch, 1d.

  • Work a dc into each stitch, till next corner.

  • Corner = 1dc, 3 ch, 1 dc

Free crochet garden pattern

ROW 57 (1 row) crochet - linen stitch (colour change into fuchsia)

  • start in corner, same as above 1ch, 3 ch, 1dc

  • Work 1ch, skip next stitch and dc into the next stitch. Repeat till next corner

  • Corner 1dc, 3 ch, 1 dc

  • Linen stitch = * [ 1 dc (skip next stitch) 1ch, 1dc ] *Repeat

ROW 58 - 59 ( 2 rows) crochet - Linen Stitch (change to pistachio or lime)

  • work the linen stitch over the next two rows.

Free crochet garden pattern

ROW 60 - 61 ( 2 rows) granny cluster (colour change into white)

  • start in corner, 3 ch up, 2tr, ch 3, 3tr

  • Miss / skip the first chain space, work 1 granny cluster (3tr) skip next chain space

  • Repeat 1 cluster, skip chain space till corner

  • Corner cluster = 3tr, 3 ch, 3 tr

  • Repeat granny square row on row 61

ROW 62 ( 1 row) Granny cluster row (change colour to fuchsia)

  • Start in the corner, working the same method as row 60

ROW 63 (1 row) double crochet (change colour to white)

  • start in the corner . Repeat method from row 56

Free crochet garden pattern

ROW 64 (1 row) willow stitch (change colour to sapphire)

  • * please note corners may vary depending on where your willow stitch starts and finishes. This is because we are adding a border to a square. So there will be two options for your corners, and you can use either. I want you to know you can modify, work with what you have, and that frogging hours of work doesn't always have to be your only choice. So please trust me. If you are stuck and need my help, please message or email with a image and a note of what space you have to work in.

  • Start in the corner, 1 dc

  • Skip 2 stitches. Work into the 3 stitch 6 trebles, skip 2 and 1 dc into the 3rd stitch

  • Willow stitch = (worked across 6 stitch heads) 1 dc, 6tr into 3rd stitch, skip 2 stitches and work dc into the 6th stitch head.

  • Repeat the willow stitch to corner.

  • Corner option 1 = ( if you land a 1dc in your corner. Then work the same as when you started the row)

  • Corner option 2= if your corner becomes your treble space, work 10 trebles, and skip 2 stitches and double crochet into the 3rd stitch. Repeat willow pattern from there.

The midnight garden, FREE crochet pattern - CAL. A perfect way to explore more challenging stitches as a beginner.

ROW 65 (1 row) the final double crochet border (colour change into pistachio or lime)

  • Start with a slip stitch into a treble stitch. Ch1 and work a 1 dc into the same stitch.

  • Work 2dc into each treble, the front post dc around the dc below. * repeat on all trebles in the willow, and a front post dc around the dc.

The midnight garden, FREE crochet pattern - CAL. A perfect way to explore more challenging stitches as a beginner.

Don't forget to let us know how your getting on! We would love to see your pictures.. maybe tag us in your makes.. Thanks for taking this journey with us. Now begins our final chapter of writing up all the weeks into one illustrated book. If you have any tips or tricks that have helped you, let us know and we will add them in.

We hope that you have enjoyed making our first crochet along. This crochet blanket was a pleasure to design, and has gone through changes and adaptions because of you. We love to learn with you, learning a language that speaks to all. Along this journey, in making the midnight garden crochet blanket pattern. Which will soon be illustrated with a true fiddlesticks look & feel, which will consider all your feedback. Ready to buy via our etsy or webshop.

p.s. the next CAL will be starting on

May 18th 7pm. Our cherrybakewell cal

Lots of love

Michelle & Meg

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13 ago 2023

And it’s finished 🍾 front photo

Back photo

Love this pattern, thank you so much 💗

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Risposta a

Well you’ve done a super job! I haven’t managed to finish my coronation blanket either x

Mi piace

Is this CAL on you tube

Mi piace
Risposta a

No we haven’t created videos for this one. We only have photographs and an explained pattern x

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