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The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE pattern - Chapter Five

Updated: Jan 29

The midnight pumpkin patch crochet blanket

This's where your, Midnight pumpkin patch crochet blanket really comes to life. Up till now you have created the start of our Midnight garden blanket using our alternative colour way, now we will be adding in a additional colour way of burnt orange for our pumpkins and more chapters.

The first few rows we'll be setting up the frame work and foundation to our 3D pumpkins.

Hope you ready? All I can say is be patient, take your time, this part of the blanket is all about stitch placement, this will be the key. Also if your finding your stitches are too tight, I would recommend going up a hook size, try half a mm, and this should help you adjust.


The midnight Pumpkin Patch crochet blanket - WILLOW Fence - part one

row 52 - treble treble front post stitch, double crochet - ( colour change to mauve) 158

The midnight pumpkin patch crochet blanket

  • start your corner with a ch2

  • 1dc, ch 2, 2dc

  • 4 dc into the next stitches

  • *We are going to be working the front post stitches into the space between the v stitches made in the previous. Watch the video to help guide you through your stitch placement.

The midnight pumpkin patch crochet blanket

  • 1 treble treble front post placed in the stitch space between each v space. SKIP the stitch behind this stitch, and work 1 dc

  • work another front post treble treble over the previous front post, to create a cross over.

  • skip the next stitch and repeat the same process

  • 1dc, 1tr tr-fp, skip stitch, 1 dc, 1tr tr-fp (posts all worked into the same space of the v stitch in row 46)

The midnight pumpkin patch crochet blanket

  • repeat this till the last cross over posts.

  • work 4 dc into last stitches.

  • finish your CORNER 2dc, ch2, 2dc.



The Pumpkin Patch WILLOW Fence - part TWO

row 53 - HALF TREBLE

(colour - mauve) 162

The midnight pumpkin patch crochet blanket

  • start in the corner ch2

  • work 1htr, ch2, 2htr

  • work the rest of the stitches till the corner as HTR.

  • CORNER - 2htr, ch2, htr


The Pumpkin Patch - part one

row 54- first half

(colour - burnt orange)

27 pumpkin bases

The midnight pumpkin patch crochet blanket
  • start in the corner ch3

  • 1dc

  • skip 2 stitches

  • work 7 trebles into each stitch, to create a willow shaped stitch

  • skip 2 stitches

  • {*1 dc,ch2,1dc into the same stitch space,

  • *skip 2 stitches

  • *work your next willow stitch (7 tr)}

  • You should have 27 pumpkin bases per side.

  • CORNER - 1dc, ch2, 1dc


The Pumpkin Patch - part two

row 555- 9 loop bobble / stitch together

(colour - burnt orange)

27 pumpkin lids

The midnight pumpkin patch crochet blanket

working the top part of your pumpkin, you will be working a loop through the 7 trebles you made, plus a loop either side of the willow stitch within the chain space. Giving you a total of 9 loops per finished bobble or stitch together.

  • start your corner ch3

  • ch2,1tr

  • ch6

  • *(TOP OF PUMPKIN) work 1st loop into the chain space after the dc. Then work the next 7 loops into each of the 7 stitches. Then work one loop into the chain space. You should have 10 loops on your hook. This includes the existing loop, and the 9 loops you've just made. Pull your wool through all of these loops finishing with a slip stitch.

  • chain 6, and then *repeat the same loop method

  • Once you've completed all of your pumpkin tops, work a slip stitch into the top of the first corner treble you made. Tie off your wool.


The midnight Pumpkin stalks - row 56- first half

(colour - grass)

27 stalks

The midnight pumpkin patch crochet blanket

We will be working a similar process to that of our hatched fence. Using Double treble front posts.

  • start in the corner and ch2

  • ch3, 2dc

  • double crochet front post around the corner post of the first row of of the pumpkin patch from ROW 48

  • 2 dc around the frame work created in the previous row. ( The chain space)

  • then 1dc back post around the top of the pumpkin. This is where you would hvae brought your loops together with a slip stitch

The midnight pumpkin patch crochet blanket

( follow the video for guidance)

  • STALK: - chain 8, +1 more for turning. Then miss the 1st chain and work the 7 dc into the next 6 chains.

  • Finish with a double crochet into the base. That is your stalk (please watch video)

  • working around the frame work of the 6 chains from the previous row.

  • Work 2dc

  • 1 double treble front post around the dc from row 48, work around the left post of the dc stitch in the first row. See picture for placement.

The midnight pumpkin patch crochet blanket
  • 2dc again, and another 1 double tr front post around the right post of the dc from row 48. This should create the crossed posts as you see in the picture.

  • 2dc again into the same frame work. You should have 6 stitches around the frame work.

  • REPEAT*1dc around the top of your pumpkin

  • 2dc, 1double-tr-fp, 2dc, 1dtr-fp, 2dc*

  • You should have a total of 27 stalks around each pumpkin on each side.

  • Finish your row with 3dc, 1 dtr-fp around the corner post of row 48.

  • CORNER - work 1tr, ch3, 1tr


Well done... yes well done. If you've gotten this far.. you've stuck with it and you should be super proud of you!! Seriously!! The next stage we will be working on the panel sections. There will be 2 panels the same as each other. on opposite sides. These will covered over chapters 6 & 7...

Take your time and just enjoy...

Lots of love

Michelle & Meg



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