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The Cherry Bakewell Crochet Blanket CAL - Chapter Four

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

The cherry bakewell chapter 4 crochet blanket - bobble stitches, granny square stitch

Here we are chapter four, I hope you're enjoying it so far? Lots of things are happening at Fiddlesticks at the moment, but the feed back we're receiving on this pattern has been so heart warming and motivating in a ever changing world.

I really hope that this new pattern is helping you escape from the everyday. I know it can be frustrating, our patience can be tested, and we can't always find the time to relax. I've made a few promises to myself, that I would like to share with you before we get started.. which I hope you will also try.

Besides crochet I love to do many things. Neglect one thing and it can all fall down, and you have no clue why? So, I decided to make myself accountable for myself. I've set some little inner rules to bring up my own self worth by changing some of my routine.. I know that your probably thinking why are you writing this when we just want the patter... but I love you, and wanted to share some love back for all the kindness you've given me through this pattern. So before we start "The cherry bakewell crochet blanket"....

  1. I made the promise to love myself a little more. That meant spending extra time taking care of me, which in turn benefited those around me. 5 minutes more in the shower to moisturise my face & body, brush my teeth a little longer, treat my hair.. I even started doing some simple makeup every day. Why? because I was forgetting who I was looking at in the mirror, and she deserved more patience, love & kindness. Please take care of her... especially when your mojo may be lacking. She deserves your time, even if 5 minutes is all you can spare.

  2. I applied makeup every day, for no one else but me. Nothing complex, a quick 5 minute routine. I was tired of looking and feeling tired. I didn't want to see what I was seeing, and only I could change that. I bought a moisturiser with a glow, a few dabs of bronzer and blusher, fix my brows, and work a little mascara. Nothing complex, keeping it natural. From there I had a attitude change to my inner value, and my spark has started to return. Because what I could see in the mirror was reflecting what I wanted to see in myself. If you value you, others also follow suit. Its not about looking like a model, its about respecting yourself. Giving yourself the time you deserve. It may mean getting up earlier... but at least its your time... quiet time.

  3. Finding time for me... I like to get up early. I like the quiet of the house before the day starts. That time is my time, no one can make me feel guilty. I have the luxury of drinking my morning drink without the rush. I've been doing this for some time, and I love doing it now.

  4. As you most likely know, we have a coffee shop with a bistro as part of our coffee shop. I cook for work, but stopped cooking at home.. day in day out I'm cooking. The last thing I want to do is cook when I'm home. BUT, I love to cook for my family. Soo, we've made adjustments, and I decided that I would cook the meals I never get to cook at work. That way my cooking for the LOVE of my family would return. Soo, what am I saying? Cook what you have to, you know the staples everyone likes.. the go to's. Then choose something you will enjoy and learn from.. that way your cooking from love.

Be kind to yourself in a world of invisibility, let your light shine from within..


Lets get started on chapter four of your cherry Bakewell crochet blanket.....


ROW 36 (1 rows) half treble back post (frost blue)

  • starting in the corner work 2ch, 1htr, 2ch, 2htr

  • work each half treble as a back post stitch to the next corner

  • CORNER = 2htr-bp, 2ch, 2htr-bp

  • REPEAT until you come to the end of your row, finishing with a slip-stitch.


ROW 37 (1 rows) bobble stitch & double crochet

** We're going to start off by turning our blanket so it faces the wrong way round. In other words we are going to be working our rows with our work facing the wrong way. Otherwise known as wrong side facing. This is because, to create the 3d texture of our bobble stitch we need to allow the texture of the stitch to work its magic away from us. I promise it will make sense, as we go.

The cherry bakewell chapter 4 crochet blanket - bobble stitches, granny square stitch

  • starting our corner with a dc. 1ch, 1dc, 3ch,1dc

  • start your row with 8 dc, in frost blue.. and then... we gonna change the colour to white.

  • (watch the video to how to work this technique, in the video I say start with 5dc, ignore and work 8dc to begin, 1 bobble, then 5dc.. repeat 1 bobble, 5dc. Then finish the last dc's) you should have 16 bobbles on each side.

  • BOBBLE STITCH = 5 loop bobble, demo in video

  • work 5dc ( frost blue between each Bobble stitch)

  • PATTERN FOLLOWS - 5dc, 1bobble, 5dc

  • complete each row, with the last remaining dc's till you work the corner.

  • CORNER = 1dc, 3ch, 1dc

** Alternative to the bobble stitch. ( for those who may be at there wits end.. use one of these options as your alternative stitch.

  1. Work 1 row of htr in white

  2. work a moss stitch detail in white. 1dc, skip stitch, 1ch, 1dc...

  3. or work all of this row in one colour, don't change the bobbles to a alternative colour, perhaps work the whole row in white.

These are just suggestions to support and help, the one thing I don't want you to feel is overwhelmed, deflated or frustrated.


ROW 38 (4 rows) HALF TREBLE (FROST BLUE) turn your blanket back to the right side facing.

  • Turn your work around so the right side is facing. You should see the texture of your bobbles now.

  • starting our corner with 2ch, 1htr, 2ch, 2htr

  • (watch the video on how to work your next row htr into the top of your bobble stitches, so that you don't add extra stitches. Take your time)

  • Work all stitches as half trebles from corner to corner.

  • CORNER = 2htr, 2ch, 2htr

  • finish each row with a slip stitch.

  • EACH NEW ROW. start with a 2ch-up. Counting this chain up as a faux htr.


ROW 42 (1 rows) moss stitch (1dc, 1ch) ladybird

The cherry bakewell chapter 4 crochet blanket - bobble stitches, granny square stitch

  • starting our corner with a dc. 1ch, 1dc, 3ch,1dc

  • working 1ch, skip stitch, 1dc in the next stitch. *REPEAT till you reach the next corner.

  • CORNER = 1dc, 3ch, 1dc

  • ROW = ( 1ch, skip 1 stitch, 1dc )*REPEAT till every corner

  • finish your row with a slip stitch into the first stitch you made.


ROW 43 (5 rows) half treble granny square rows (pink, white & ladybird)

  • Each granny square cluster will house 3htr.

  • We will start our first corner with a 2ch-up, 2htr, 2ch, 3htr

  • Skip the first chain space and work you next cluster (3htr) 1ch ` into the next chain space. (watch the video to support and explain)

  • Work the first 2 ROWS in pink (43, 44)

  • NEXT ROW in white (45)

  • NEXT ROW in ladybird (46)

  • NEXT ROW in frost blue (47)

  • Finish your row with a slip stitch in the head of the first stitch you made of that row.


ROW 48 (1 rows) half treble (frost blue)

  • starting our corner ch2, 1htr, 2ch, 2htr

  • work 1htr into each stitch until you reach the corner.

  • CORNER = 2htr, 2ch, 2htr

  • finish your rows with a slip stitch


ROW 49 (1 rows) treble - back post (amethyst)

The cherry bakewell chapter 4 crochet blanket - bobble stitches, granny square stitch
  • starting our corner with a 2ch-up, 1tr, 2ch, 2tr

  • work a treble - back post (tr-bp) work into the each stitch till the next corner

  • CORNER = 2tr, 2ch, 2tr

  • Finish your row with a slip stitch.


And thats a wrap for chapter 4!! Next chapter

will be our last chapter. We will be working our cupcake border... yes!! That beautiful cupcake corner. I cant wait to get started on this.. so we can then tell you all about our next crochet along!!! Yes there is another.. but I wont tell till were all done!


P.S you may have noticed we have changed the pace of our chapters. This is to allow others to catch up. We have received wonderful feedback, and have supported where possible. If you feel overwhelmed, please know we're here to support you as best we can. You can email, or take photos and place in the allocated group and all of us will do our best to support you within our crochet community.

Everyone's work will be unique, and individual interoperation of a poem. Although, there will be symmetry between each blanket. Each one will be a flavour of how you work. It does not have to be exact to be of value. I love to see each piece and how you've adapted, modified and worked YOUR blanket. I just gave you guidelines to reproduce. Be proud of what your achieving because its amazing.. look how far you've come.. look what your able to do.

Be kind to your self.. be proud of your self... because your all shining and I can see it! I am so proud of each and every blanket I see, your all SOOO special. Afterall The cherry bakewell crochet blanket was a treat to yourself


All our love Michelle & Meg



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