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CHAPTER 5 "The Cherry Bakewell Crochet Blanket" ROW 1-3 (free pattern)

The cherry bakewell free crochet blanket pattern novelty design

We're here.. finally, The cherry Bakewell crochet blanket - chapter 5 - cupcake border!

Oh man!!!! this border has tested me to no ends, on so many levels.. I may have been overthinking it, worrying about every scenario. When I worked on the prototype, everything seemed really simple.

I tell you it's not... writing it down, changed the ball game! I thought I had it, and then changed my mind after looking at the overall blanket.

As we've worked chapter 1 - 4 together and you've given us helpful and interesting feedback, I knew I had to make some changes so that we could suit every ones needs, no matter the level. Which isn't always about technique, but communication. So after a lot of frogging, many many notes, and having to find quiet in a house where we have 6 adults and a 15month old creating constant noise. Thats not including the shop, and nanny duties... I managed to squeeze in some time to dwell, delve and find my flow.

Despite everything, all the changes and feeling over whelmed with noise and frustration of not having the freedom to work the way I would like to. Yet, based on my last blog.. I have kept up my routine looking after myself. My aim, to celebrate who I am today, no matter my size or pain. Taking care of each part of yourself is showing love to yourself in a healthy way, but your also creating a better relationship with the parts you may have chosen to ignore... mine was my feet. I suffer in many ways with my feet. Don't just look after your mind, look after the body that carries it too... its so easy to forget.. in the mean time enjoy the last chapter of our "Cherry Bakewell Crochet Blanket chapter 5 "

the Cherry Bakewell crochet blanket chapter 5 cupcake border - row 1 creating the base of your cupcake - colour pink

The cherry bakewell free crochet blanket pattern novelty design
  • start in the corner ( with a slip knot) chain 3

  • 1tr, ch2, 2tr

  • skip the first 4 stitches

  • *work 2tr into the next stitch, 3tr in the next stitch, 2tr in the next stitch (your first cup cake base)

  • 1 base, skip the next 4 stitches

  • *repeat your base and skipped stitches till you have 3/4 stitches left till the corner.

  • CORNER 2tr, ch2, 2tr

(video contains row 1 & " instructions)

row 2 - creating your cherry toppings - colour change to white for the cup cake frosting

  • *****We're going to start our row near the corner. We're going to work into the first chain space before your corner. Working a slip knot and chaining 3.

  • The next step is to yarn over, as if your going to work a treble, work this into the next stitch head. Yarn over and pull through the first two loops, then without completing the stitch. DO the SAME again in the stitch head, and then do the same twice into the corner. Finish the stitch by pulling the wool all the way through and chain 3. ( the video says two, but do three)

  • Work the next base using the same method as noted above. Starting your first two bobble loops into the corner, then the next two stitch heads, and then one loop into the chain space, complete stitch and pull through, using a chain to secure the stitch (do not count this stitch)

  • chain 6

  • **Then we begin working our bases, start your first bobble loop in the chain space.

  • work each loop into each stitch head, and the remaining one into the stitch space. You should count 10 loops on your hook, before you pull through. Complete your stitch, by pulling through and completing with a chain.

  • chain 6

  • ** REPEAT - work 10 loop bobble into each base, complete your bobble stitch. Chain 6

  • CORNER REPEAT ***** The first row of this section the same.

The cherry bakewell free crochet blanket pattern novelty design

row 3 - the cherry on top - colour change - signal red / ladybird / fuchsia

  • In row 3, we're going to start with a slip stitch around the first frosted top, so that we can create our first popcorn stitch. (the slip knot, will be the anchor to create the dc which is attached through the 2 chain spaces) as show in the video. You start each popcorn stitch by creating a dc this way.

  • work 2 chains, and then work in 3 bobble loops in the dc you made. secure together by pulling the wool through and securing with a chain st. work another 2 chains, working your next 3 loops into the base of the chains you just made. Use the video as a guide for stitch placement.

  • Finish the popcorn stitch by replicating the first dc you made in the same way, anchoring through the 2 chain spaces.

  • work 4 dc around the white frame work.

  • The 5th dc is worked into the chain space of the cupcake base. Row 1.

  • Work another 4 dc, into the remaining white frame work.

  • **repeat each cherry until you reach the corner. work 4 dc and then start your corner

  • CORNER = Triple treble stitch attached to the corner of row 1, 2dc into the white frame work of row 2.

  • ***dc around the top of the frosting. placement of stitch is from one chain space to the next chain space ( guidance in video)

  • 4dc into the corner space, around the white frame work.

  • ***dc around the top of the frosting. placement of stitch is from one chain space to the next

  • dc 2, 1 triple treble crochet, into the corner space of the row 1.

  • dc 4 and then continue with your popcorn stitches as before.

The cherry bakewell free crochet blanket pattern novelty design

Additional embellishments to come for your cherry Bakewell crochet blanklet, if you fancy adding 3d textures to your make.

The cherry bakewell free crochet blanket pattern novelty design

I've a few more videos to edit as extras. Which include the extra frosting and butterflies.

I shall work these as individual blogs so you can use each element in different designs.

I really hope that you've enjoyed this make.. and I'm super pleased you followed me on another journey. I have more makes coming your way, with brand new wool!

In the mean time enjoy your makes, and don't forget to share you progress.

Lots of crafty love

Michelle & Meg



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