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Introduction - The Cherry Bakewell CAL - FREE Crochet blanket pattern & Q&A

The cherry bakewell Cal - crochet blanket

Hello my lovely crafters! I thought it would be nice to talk about the plan of action before we start in over a week!

Thursday May 18th 2023..... Which will be uploaded at 7pm.

So we are working fast to make sure all your orders, and bags are ready to be sent next week. We've hit some issues, with our order taking longer than expected to come in, to then find out 35 colours in sirdar have been discontinued and alternatives are in place. You may have read this in another blog post, and the reason is sad as businesses that were supplying Sirdar from Turkey have hit issues on supply due to the massive earthquake. We have had to change one colour, on this cal. We have took the stock off the shelves to ensure those that had booked there packs would have the exact colour way. And those who have booked later will have the alternative colours. But we're firing on all cylinders now, and confident to get started on our date.

How will the Cherry Bakewell Cal work?

With this CAL (crochet along) we will be working in chapters. These chapters will consist of multiple rows, how many rows will depend on the complexity of the rows your making.

Each chapter will come out every 2 weeks, so that you have time to keep up. We understand that some of you have more complex lives and time than others. Which means you time is sparse, so rather than feel deflated we want you to work with us in a way that works best for you. Please don't feel over pressured, work at your own pace.

Q&A about the CAL

We get a lot of questions about our FREE CALS. So, to help, here are some of the questions and answers to help.

Can I print the Cherry Bakewell pattern?

The pattern is FREE BLOG PATTERN. Because of this it wont be print ready, and can only be accessed via our blog. It will remain a free pattern when being used during our cal and via our blog. When its print ready, this will be at a cost. This is because the pattern, will have much more detail, illustrations, photography, and basically a lot more work. So yes it will be for print, but not till a later date. The other reason, is that your feedback, your suggestions will help iron out and shape how our book looks and interacts with each maker. So please let us know, any feedback, stories and images and we would love you to be part of our journey. Once finalised and ready for publication, we may have two options, which will be to have a book or a digital pdf.

What if I run out of wool?

We have tried to work out a approximation of colours based on a average tension. Should you be looser you may need more of one or more colours. Our colour packs are a guide on what believe, based on our calculations are required for you to complete this make. It is a approximation, I cant say that you will have more or less than you need. The wool you will be using is a DK (double knit) wool from Sirdar, bonus dk range. The recommended hook size is 4mm. If you are a tight crocheter, try a 4.5mm or 5mm. If you are loose, you could try a 3.5mm or even a 3mm.

What's the right hook for me?

Around the band of any wool you buy, you will see that there is a recommended hook. By recommended it means just that, its the base for what is the average size to gain the right tension based on 10cm x 10cm tension gauge. This will vary person to person, and will depend greatly on how tight or loose you are. It will vary from wool brand to wool brand. For me Sirdar bonus dk, is quite a thick dk. I could easily work a blanket in 4.5mm.

The cherry Bakewell CAL - Crochet blanket

Choosing the right hook will also be determined by the make you are making, and how you want that final finish to be. The smaller the hook the stiffer your make, the larger the hook the more flowing it will be ( this is based around the recommended size). If your finding your makes are stiffer, you will have a tight tension and will need to loosen things up. Go for a larger hook, and do some trial granny squares to find your flow. (use scrap wool) work a granny square in a 4mm hook, work 4 rows. If if its far to tight try repeating the same in a 4.5mm, 5mm, and a 5.5mm. Which hook gave you the square you liked the most? if your stuck send us the images and we will help. We have a group now set up for you to join.

How will each chapter work?

Each chapter will work each chapter with a written pattern & photographs which compliment and further explain stitch placement. We will issue each chapter fortnightly, so that each member will have the time needed to complete there chapters. Occasionally on more complex parts we will add videos to help explain in deeper and greater detail parts that may be more difficult by words or still images.

Each row, we will state what stitch is being produced, along with colour change and how many rows you will working. We cant wait to get started on the Cherry Bakewell CAL.


I think we've covered as much as we can on Q&A, if we've missed anything please let us know. We're happy to help where we can. In the mean time, stand by your emails for collections & delivery notes for your handpicked Cherry Bakewell Cal crochet kits.

Lots of love

Michelle & Meg


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