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The Cherry Bakewell Blanket - Chapter One

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

The cherry bakewell Blanket CAl - Chapter one crochet

Welcome to our newest Cal (Crochet Along). The Cherry Bakewell Blanket Cal - Chapter One, where we will be working through Rows 1-14. The chapters will be released once every 2 weeks. This should allow enough time for everyone to keep up. If you don't please don't worry! This is not about speed, this is about you enjoying the process.

This Cal will include a supportive video. Taking you through all 1-14 rows. The blanket is using a standard dk with a recommended hook size of 4mm. Everything will be worked in UK terms.

For me I when demonstrating I work with a 4.5mm, as this evens out my tension. For some reason when I'm teaching I get tense, and this reflects in my tension... can't think why! lol.... But if your finding your tension is making your edges curl, consider going up in size to counteract this.

*Why not join our Cherry Bakewell group so that you can show off your works and how your getting on! We love to see your progress, whether you doing great or need help... we are here for you every step of the way.

Tips:- If your a beginner, it may be worth practising using scrap yarn, before you use your colour way. This way if you hit any obstacles, you have a change to work them out. If like me making the same thing twice can be pretty annoying, just take your time. Your tension is individual to you. If your tight, it may be how your holding your wool.. is it too tight is it too loose, are your hands damp or are they dry. Sticky hands can stop the flow of wool moving through your hands and cause issues with your tension. If this is happening, go make a cuppa, take 5. Your over working your brain and the frustration is coming through.

Two ways to start the Cherry Bakewell blanket cal - chapter one

In the video we show you how to start with a MAGIC RING (MR) or you can use a chain 4 or 6 method. The size of the chain, will depend on how easy working into a chain 4 ring. Either way you can make this part work for you, don't get frustrated because your struggling to work the pattern exactly. This patten is built for all levels and therefore can be modified to work for you. If your struggling please let us know.


* Please note. That some of the colour ways have changed since we created the colour palette for this blanket. We will note all alternative colours for each row so that you can work seamlessly. During the video other colours will be mentioned, but will be linked in each Row so as to help you.


ROW one & two - granny square Center ( colour amethyst | lake blue | silver mist)

For Row 1 & 2 we'll be working a simple granny square motif. You can start with a (MR- Magic Ring)

The cherry bakewell Blanket CAl - Chapter one crochet
  • Foundation Row - Chain 4 or 6, or alternatively work a Magic ring. Demo for working a magic ring the Fiddlesticks way is included.

  • Row 1 - 3ch, work 2TR (treble stitch), 2ch, 3tr, ch2, 3tr, 2ch, 3tr, ch2, working last chain into the 3rd chain of your 3ch. (TIP: in video for finishing your row with a half treble)

  • Completed row 1, should have 4 clusters, with 4 x 2ch.

  • Row 2 - 3ch up (your faux tr) 2tr, 2ch, 3tr, into the corner chain space. ch1,

  • work another corner cluster into the next chain space *(3tr, 2ch, 3tr) ch1, *repeat x 3, till you have all 4 corner spaces filled.

  • End your row, with a chain into the 3rd chain of your 3 chains.


ROW three & four - granny square & puff stitch corners (frost blue | mauve)

The cherry bakewell Blanket CAl - Chapter one crochet
  • with your new colour, start in a corner space.

  • In the video I show you how to attach your new colour. But if you feel more comfortable knotting it in, or adding a slip knot to your hook you can also work that way. The key is to work in a way that suits your methods.

  • 3ch up. Then we shall begin our puff stitch. by yarning over, going through the corner space, yarn over again. Repeat this 4 times till you have 9 loops in total on your hook. Watch the video if you need more visual instruction.

  • 2ch, and another puff stitch into the same corner space. Your puff stitch corner should read as 1 puff stitch, 2ch, 1 puff stitch.

  • Continue your granny square cluster stitch (3tr, ch1) into each chain space till you reach your next corner.

  • At your corner work the Puff stitch corner (1puff, 2ch, 1puff)

  • At the end of your row, work a chain stitch around the puff stitch. Watch the video for demo on how to complete this.

  • five & six - granny square Center (white)

*repeat rows 2 & 3, using the same method.

  • Starting in the corner with your new colour.

  • Puff stitch corner, starting with a 3ch.

  • Work your granny square clusters into the chain spaces on the flats of your work.


row seven - double crochet (uk) moss stitch (amethyst | lake blue | silver mist )

In this row we will be work a moss stitch or as some also call it a linen stitch. I love this stitch for adding details or working a whole blanket. Its so pretty and understated. Honestly, use this in a scarf design. Any way.. back on point..

  • Row 7 - starting in the corner, chain one. 2dc, 2ch, 2dc

  • work 1 dc into the next stitch head, skip stitch, 1ch. *

  • *repeat - 1dc, skip stitch, 1ch. (work these stitches till you reach the corner)

  • corner- 2dc, ch2, 2dc

  • work the moss / linen stitch on each row till you meet each corner.

  • end the row with a slip stitch into the head of the last stitch


row eight & nine - half treble (pink)

The cherry bakewell Blanket CAl - Chapter one crochet
  • Starting in the corner, add in your new colour.

  • ch2, 1htr, 2ch, 2htr

  • * work 2htr into each chain space. Continue to the corner.

  • Corner - 2htr, 2ch, 2htr

  • * Repeat - 2htr, into each chain space.

  • End Row 8, with a slip stitch into the last stitch head of the htr.

  • Row 9 - 3ch up, work htr into the next stitch heads.

  • Corner - 2htr, 2ch, 2hr.

  • *Continue working Htr in the next stitches.

  • End your row with a slip stitch into the last stitch head.


row ten - double crochet (uk) (frost blue | mauve)

  • starting in the corner as always, attach your new colour

  • Row 10 - 1ch, 1dc, 2ch, 2dc

  • work dc stitches into each stitch.

  • Corner - 2dc, 2ch, 2dc

  • * continue working dc into each stitch head.

  • End your row with a slip stitch into the last stitch.


row eleven - v stitch (htr,ch2, htr) (amethyst | lake blue | silver mist)

  • Row 11 - starting in the corner with your new colour way.

  • Starting corner - 2ch, 1htr, ch2, 2htr

  • *Skip the first 2 stitches. Work a htr, 2ch, htr into the next stitch.

  • *repeat till the end of the row. (if you end up with 3 stitches before your corner, don't add in a v stitch, just work straight into the corner space)

  • End your row with a slip stitch, into the last stitch.


row twelve - puff stitch (lady bird | signal red| cupid)

  • starting in the corner with a 2ch

  • puff stitch corner ( 1 puff, 2ch, puff 1)

  • * 2ch, puff stitch into the Center of the next v stitch, 2ch

  • *repeat - a puff stitch, 2ch, into all v stitch spaces.

  • Corner - 1puff, 2ch, 1puff

  • End the row with a back post chain around the last puff stitch.

* 12 puffs per side, this includes one from half of each corner on that side.


row thirteen - half treble & front post treble (htr) (white)

The cherry bakewell Blanket CAl - Chapter one crochet
  • Row 13 - starting into the corner with your colourway, white. 2ch, htr, 2ch, 2htr.

  • Each puff stitch will have a FR-PT treble worked around them.

  • With 3 htr into each chain space.

  • Corner 2htr, 2ch, 2htr

  • *[FR-PT treble (around the puff stitch) 3htr into the ch-sp] *repeat till corner.

  • End your row with a slip stitch into the last stitch head.


row fourteen - double crochet (uk) (pink)

  • Row 14 - Starting in the corner, ch1. 1dc, 3ch, 1dc.

  • *[dc into each stitch] repeat till the corner ( repeat on every row)

  • Corner - 1dc, 3ch, 1dc

  • End the row with a slip stitch into the last stitch head of the row.


There you go, we finally got there!! Thank you so much for waiting for everything to align it self. I hope you've enjoyed the first chapter. The next chapter will be out in two weeks, in the mean time. Take your time, there is no rush. Make sure you join the group and share your progress, whether its sheer enjoyment, or you've hit a block and need help. We want to support you and recognise that what may be simple to some, isn't always the same with someone else. And thats ok. We hope to chat with you in the group, whether its tension, working your hook...

See you all in two weeks

Michelle & Meg xx


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