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Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Hi there, sorry for the delay.. it's been a exhausting few weeks. I have never needed so much for sleep, and to totally switch off. Which is not like me at all! Honestly, if your feeling the winter blues, tired, achey... consider your vitamin intake. My nature is to carry quite a lot. Unfortunately though living in stressful mode, leads to your body needing much more. Living by your adrenaline is not healthy. Anyway, thats me.. I can't do slow, I get bored. Soo, in my frantic need to find myself. I started with my vitamins. (I'm finding my hair is going white in places it shouldn't and liver spots like I'm 90) so I have started with vitamin d and b, with nutrigums. There like sweets, and I have to say I feel like I'm feeling more like me. Tired, but able to handle my bodies exhaustion. I know your probably thinking why are we talking about this, when all you want is week 2s pattern.

But... if you're reading this feeling as I have and still do. It's worth starting to look at a easier way of helping your body and your mind. Afterall, concentration is vital. When it doesn't feel like your brain is attached to your body, invertedly you feel anxiety, frustration and then your in a vicious circle. So I hope these little things help. If you want to know more let me know... I'm going to get the evening ones too!!

Anyways.. how have you found the first week. Wasn't too bad was it. Bet you've steamed through it!!

row 14 (v stitch) change colour to pistachio

V STITCH - is made up of (1tr, ch2, 1tr) skip 2 stitches

Start in the corner, ch 3. (1tr, ch3, 2tr) into your corner space

  • skip the next two stitches. V STITCH - *(1tr, ch 2, 1tr, into the next stitch. Skip 2 stitches) repeat to the next corner. leaving two skipped stitches before you start your CORNER CLUSTER - (2tr, ch 3, 2tr)

  • REPEAT the above stitches from corner to corner till your row is complete. Slip stitch into the 3rd chain of your 3 chain up.

  • you should have a total of 16 v stitches


row 15 (puff stitch) change colour to Fucshia

PUFF STITCH - (made up of 7 loops). We will be making 2 loops into each of the V STITCH chain spaces. A Puff stitch, is started the same as a tr, you yarn over, go through your chain space. (do not complete by pulling through) *REPEAT yarn over, go through chain space, twice. You should have 7 loops on your hook. Then yarn over, and pull through all 7 loops, complete with a chain stitch to anchor the loops together ( DON'T COUNT THIS CHAIN AS ITS PART OF THE STITCH). THIS IS ONE PUFF STITCH.

DOUBLE PUFF STITCH - 1 Puff stitch (7 LOOPS) ch1, 1 puffs stitch

Start in your corner space, ch 3 up. (2tr, ch 3, 3tr) creating your corner cluster

  • *(work DOUBLE PUFF STITCH into the v chain space (1 puff stitch, ch1, 1 puff stitch) REPEAT into each v space till you reach your corner, ch

  • CORNER CLUSTER (3tr, ch3, 3tr)

  • REPEAT on all four sides, till all puff stitches are complete, finish your last puff stitch with a slip stitch into the 3rd chain of your chain 3 up.

  • A total of 16 puff stitches on each side


row 16 - (granny cluster stitch)

change to pink

Start in the corner, ch 3 up, 2tr, ch3, 3 tr.

  • Start in the corner, ch 3 up, 2tr, ch3, 3 tr. work 3tr into the next 3 stitches, ch 1

  • work a treble granny cluster into the chain space between each puff stitch, and 1 ch to separate each granny cluster. 3tr, ch 1.

  • 3tr into the next 3 stitches before the corner cluster

  • CORNER CLUSTER 3tr, ch3, 3 tr.

  • REPEAT clusters and corner clusters, till all sides are complete

  • end row, working a slip stitch into the 3rd chain of your chain 3 up

  • a total of 16 clusters on each side. ( not including corners)



update* if your a beginner and front post is daunting. use option 2 as your alternative.

A TRIPLE TREBLE CROCHET - Is very similar to a double treble crochet.

So think about the treble stitch (yarn over, go through your stitch, yarn over again and pull through. 3 loops on your stitch, pull yarn through 2, and pull yarn through last 2 = 1 treble)

DOUBLE TREBLE = yarn over your hook 2 times, then take your hook through your stitch. you should have 4 loops on your hook. The same process yarn through 2 loops, repeat till there are no loops.

TRIPLE TREBLE = yarn over 3 times, go through your stitch, and yarn back through. you should have 5 loops on your hook. Repeat the process of yarn through 2, till you have no more loops.

option 1 - front post triple treble crochet

Start in the corner, ch 1 up, dc, ch3, dc

  • work 6 double crochets into the next 6 stitches

  • We're now going to work our first TRIPLE TREBLE CROCHET as a front post stitch

  • double crochet the next two stitches

  • skip stitch, and TRIPLE TREBLE CROCHET around the front post of the HTR stitch which sits between the v stitch. ( in the image below the pen sits on the HTR stitch. This is where you need to place your hook)

  • you will have 17 posts in total ( with 16 flowers in cased)

  • On the 17th post, skip the stitch behind, working 4 dc into the next 4 stitches till you reach the corner.

Take your hook under the stitch post. This is where the pen is sitting. This is where you pull your yarn through.

  • Work to the corner. Working 1dc, ch3, 1dc into your corner.

  • REPEAT YOUR CORNERS AND SIDES till you come to the end of the row, ss into the last stitch... This is week 2 completed.

Take your time, read it through. Let me know if you get stuck! I'm happy to help and support where I can.

*NOTE in the image how the front post slightly curls the row down. Trust the process that as your add subsequent rows this will pull up and create the beautiful frame.

option 2 - double treble crochet

Start in the corner, Ch1 up, dc, ch3, dc

  • work 6 double crochets into the next 6 stitches

  • We're now going to work our first TRIPLE TREBLE CROCHET into the space between the two v stitches, skip the stitch lying behind this TRIPLE TREBLE CROCHET, this is because we are not going into a stitch head, like the double crochet. the skipped stitch relates to the placement in front of it. The stitch we've just made, so it will appear empty.

  • double crochet the next two stitches

  • skip stitch, and TRIPLE TREBLE CROCHET into the the space between the two v stitches. So that you frame the flower. Work this till you come to the last v stitch and corner. Work you last TRIPLE TREBLE into this space.

  • you will have 16 framed flowers.

  • On the 17th treble, skip the stitch behind, working 4 dc into the next 4 stitches till you reach the corner.


row 18 - 19 treble stitch ( cont'd colour sapphire)

start in the corner, ch 3 up, 1tr, ch3, 2tr

  • In the next two rows we will be repeating the following stitches.

  • TR into the next stitches, till you come to the corner

  • corner cluster = 3tr, ch3, 3tr

  • ss into the 3rd chain of your 3 chain up


I shall be ahead of myself next week.. looking forward to working rows 20- 39 with you. I hope you don't mind the different colour way! I was working through my stash to create images for you. I actually quite like it.. what do you think?

Anyway lots of love

Michelle & Meg

p.s. for anyone wishing to try this pattern, but need to learn the fundamentals of crochet. We have a new class starting in April


On row 16 I’m getting 17 clusters, I can’t see where I’ve gone wrong? Ive definitely got 16 puff stitches each side

Replying to

If you fancy popping by on the weekend, preferably a afternoon I can have a look. All I would say. Is if you have equal amounts each side, then that’s ok. It’s when there not, with it being a square you can just modify and take note of the extra. Xx


Jun 05, 2023

How many stitches are in rows 18 and 19 please

Replying to

No problem xx

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