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The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Crochet Blanket - FREE pattern - Chapter Three

Updated: Jan 29

Hi my lovelies.. we're now half way through "The Midnight Pumpkin Patch" .. how are you finding your new stitches? This blanket is about understanding stitch placement and how colour can affect the way in which your stitches are seen. To put it better, I would say painting with wool.

We will be working rows 19 - 38

You may find the blanket is curling up. This is perfectly normal. Your working with varying stitches and textures that effect how flat it will lay at this point.

where we left off..

Last week we finished on two rows of trebles, which completed our triple treble posts.

You may have found that your raised textured stitches, are making your square feel a little less square than you would like. Don't worry, it will look lovely in the end.

This week, I've added some varying stitches to create texture. So far we've worked with our work constantly facing us. This is what's called working in the round. This week I am going to change this, so that we can create more texture. make sure you look at the symbols.. Place a stitch marker in the right side of your work. So you won't forget!

  • RIGHT SIDE FACING - (your stitches will have more of a twisted look to them)

  • WRONG SIDE FACING ( your stitches will look more like a chain on the back)


row 19 (moss stitch / linen stitch) change colour to grass

Start in the corner - 1 dc - ch3, dc1

  • * skip 2 stitches, work 1dc between the post of the stitch, ch1. * REPEAT till the corner.

  • CORNER - dc1, ch3, dc 1

  • REPEAT till all your rows are covered

  • slip stitch into your last stitch


row 20 - 21 (treble stitch) change colour to mauve

  • Start in the corner, ch3 up, 1tr, ch 3, 2tr

  • work 2tr into the chain space of the stitches below. See the example in the picture.

  • REPEAT till corner. 2tr, ch3, 2tr

  • Slip stitch into the last stitch

row 21

  • ch 3 up.

  • work a tr into the same stitch space

  • work 2tr, ch 3, 2tr into the corner space

  • tr into each stitch head till you reach the corner,

  • CORNER - 2tr, ch3, tr

  • slip stitch into the 3rd chain of your 3ch up.


row 22 -26 (lemon peel stitch) change colour to birch

Turn your work, so you have the WRONG SIDE FACING you. Just in case you're unsure of how your stitches look from front to back. Look at the image below to help.

  • start in the corner. ch6 (=1tr, ch3) then dc1.

  • The lemon peel stitch is made up of 1tr, 1dc.. alternating stitches till you reach the end of your row. Each corner will vary depending on which stitch you land on.

  • alternate your corners depending on which stitch you end your row with. If its a treble, your corner will be (d1, ch3, 1tr). if you end with a dc your corner will be (1tr, ch3, 1dc) and so on.

  • There is no set pattern for this stitch and will require you to think and modify to complete your rows and to then create your next row. once completed ss into your last stitch.

ROW 23 - (so this is the bit which may confuse you.. so breathe.. read and think. (lemon peel stitch) Working on the wrong side of your blanket.

  • when you add your ss into you last stitch. Take note which stitch you have finished on.

  • If you have slipped stitched into a dc. You will be starting your row on a TREBLE (3 chain up) + 3 ch, 1dc

  • If you ended on a Tr stitch you will need to chain 1 (1dc) + 3ch + Tr.

  • Your row will continue, by looking at the row below. Making sure that your stitch is the opposite from the one below. A dc will be a treble, a treble will be a dc.

This patch of stitches will be worked over the next 5 rows. 23-27

If your stuck let me know, I'm planning of explaining this in a video. The full effect of the stitch is to alternate your stitches on your row, and then above. The key is not to loose yourself as you hit your corners! Which is easy to do.. I question myself every time. lol


row 27 - 28 (double crochet) colour change to fox

***Turn your work back to ***


  • Start your corner with 4 chain, and 1dc.

  • Work all your stitches as dc's.

  • CORNER - dc1, ch3, dc1

  • REPEAT till all your rows are complete. ss into last stitch

  • ROW 29 - REPEAT row again



  • this row is the same as ROW 20 in week 2

  • start your corner 4ch (1dc + 3 ch) and 1dc

  • ch 1, skip 2 stitches and then work your 1dc between the post.

( here is a example to help your with your stitch placement. You are placing your dc between the stitch post and missing the stitch head. If you were to work into the stitch head you would only be skipping one stitch head. This wouldn't allow for enough space, and pull to keep the blanket in shape)


row 30 - 35 (granny square stitch) mauve

We're going to be working our granny square clusters with half treble stitches. Half treble stitches are my go to stitch. I like the height, but I find this stitch covers areas quickly, without being having to many holes. Using the half treble cluster, gives you cuter clusters. They'll like little baby ones, and I love that!

  • start your corner with ch2, 2htr, ch3, 3htr

  • work you first granny cluster, by skipping the first chain space.

  • ch1, work 3htr ( granny cluster) 1ch.

  • work a granny cluster and 1 ch into every other chain space, till you have one space let from your corner. Work straight into your corner.

  • CORNER CLUSTER - 3htr, ch 3, htr 3


ROW 32 - Ch2 up (faux htr stitch), then work into the corner space and create your corner cluster.

  • continue working your clusters and 1ch into each chain space, till you complete all your spaces and four corner clusters.


row 36-38 (2 rows) colour change to birch (half treble stitches)

rows 39- 40 (2 rows) colour change to BISCUIT

rows 41 - 42 (2 rows) colour change to RUSTIC PINK

(half treble stitches)

  • start your corner with ch2, 1htr, ch3, 2htr

  • work a htr stitch into the next stitches till your corner

  • corner = 2htr, ch3, 2htr

start your next row with a chain 2 up, this will act as your faux half treble stitch. Work your next htr into the next stitch. Work your corner as above, and repeat your htr in each stitch.

  • work 2 rows in birch

  • work next 2 rows in champagne. Starting in the corner when you change colour.


see you on chapter 4

lots of love

Michelle & Meg



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