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The Night Garden Crochet Blanket - Checklist

Are you ready? do you have all you need to get started? Here is your checklist.....

The pattern will be released next week, as a free blog pattern. It's a great blanket, to enjoy as a beginner crocheter. It's not overly complex, using a simple granny square method as its backbone. We will be releasing sections over the coming weeks, with videos to support the more complex parts.

You will learn more about stitch placement, pattern terminology, front post stitches, puff stitches, bobble stitches, linen stitch and willow stitch. With this you will also learn how to add different layers of stitches and how to bring them back in rows further on, while keeping your stitch count.

When adding varying stitches to your granny square blanket, you will find that your granny square doesnt stay as square as you would like.


What inspires you? is it something that is both practical and purposeful.. or is it.. the fact that you can escape into a vibrant world of colours and textures, and it's just for you?

Sometimes the gift is not for everyone else, its for your soul. Your inner you.. who also needs to take delight and pleasure in the making of something for oneself. With no pressures, no deadline.. just time out.


lots of love

Michelle & Meg

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Zoe Howard
Zoe Howard
Mar 19, 2023

Love this blanket. Definitely will do this one at some point this year x

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