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The Cherry Bakewell Crochet Blanket - Chapter Two

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

* Please be aware that the images may contain a different colour way to the original. Each row will have the original, substitute and the alternative colour way listed.

****Update:- Row 14. I made a little bit of a boo boo. The corners are incorrect! And should read = 1dc, ch3, 1dc ***

I can't believe two weeks and some more have passed! How have you got on? I know some of your said you've had to slow the video down, so I've tried super hard to slow down. In this chapter, I've made sure we have bite size videos to help support you making this crochet blanket and all its stitches. So that you can work at a slower pace, some of the sections wont require videos, but if you think you need a video we're than happy to create the bite size versions.

ROW 15 - 17 (3 rows) half treble (colour frost blue | mauve)

The cherry bakewell crochet blanket Cal Free crochet pattern
  • Starting in the corner, attach your wool. You can use the method which we demonstrate in the videos. Or use a method which suits you best. *the video also contains a tip for starting a standing stitch

  • standing stitch or chain 2 up

  • work 1htr, ch2, 2htr for your first corner

  • work a htr into the space between the stitch posts till you arrive at your next corner

  • 2htr, ch2, 2htr = corner *repeat x 3

  • Work all your htr into the space between each stitch

  • Work the next 2 row using the same method. You should have 3 rows in total (15,16,17)


ROW 18 - moss | linen stitch

(colour ladybird | signal red | cupid)

The cherry bakewell crochet blanket Cal Free crochet pattern

  • start in the corner, attach your wool into the corner space (methods to join are in the video to help and support)

  • 2 chain, 1dc, 2ch, 2dc

  • skip stitch, 1ch, 1dc - *repeat till the next corner. Skip stitch and then work in your corner.

  • Corner = 2dc, 2ch, 2dc

  • *repeat sides = 1dc, skip stitch, 1ch


ROW 19 - half treble (colour frost blue | mauve)

The cherry bakewell crochet blanket Cal Free crochet pattern
  • start in your corner, attach with a slip stitch or use the method demonstrated in the video

  • ch2, 1htr, ch2, 2 htr into the corner space

  • then work 2htr into each of the space created in the moss stitch.

  • Corner = 2htr, ch2, 2htr

  • *repeat 2htr into each chain space.

  • slip stitch into the head of your chain 3 up / standing stitch ( if used)

stitch count for side (64)


ROW 20 - back post treble (colour frost blue | mauve)

  • Start in the corner.

  • ch2, 1htr, ch2, 2htr

  • bp- tr (BACK POST TREBLE) around every stitch post till the corner

  • 2htr, 2ch, 2htr

  • repeat on all sides, and slip stitch into the 3rd chain of the first stitch.

stitch count for side (68)


ROW 21 - willow stitch (colour white)

The cherry bakewell crochet blanket - Free blog
  • start in the corner

  • chain 3 up / standing stitch

  • 9 trebles into the corner space (total including chain up, 10 posts)

  • skip 3 stitches

  • 1dc into the 4th stitch

  • skip 2 stitches

  • work 9tr into the 3rd stitch.

  • WORKING YOUR EDGE = *Skip 2 stitches, 1dc, skip 2, 9tr into same stitch space. * repeat till there are only 2 stitches left.

  • WORKING UP TO YOUR CORNER = Skip 2 stitches, work 10tr into the corner space.

  • STARTING AFTER THE CORNER = Skip 3 Stitches, 1dc, skip 2, 9tr into stitch space. * repeat till last two stitches, skip them till corner.

*You should have 10 willows and 4 corner willows, on each side.


ROW 22 - multiple stitches to create a valley. (colour deep rose | pink)

  • in the video we start in the corner space, using the raised front post, and a standing stitch. The demo will help support you.

  • next stitch, work 2htr into the next stitches

  • 2dc in the next stitches

  • chain 4

  • skip 2 stitches

  • 2dc, 2htr into the next stitches

  • 1 fr - tr (front post treble) around the dc post in the previous row

  • (into the next willow stitch) 2htr, 2dc, 1 slip stitch, 2dc, 2htr

  • *repeat on all willow stitches and post

  • CORNER = 2htr, 2dc, skip 2 stitches, chain 4, 2htr, 2dc

  • every dc in the previous row, is a placement for a fr - tr.


row 23 - double crochet & front post treble (colour lady bird | signal red | cupid)

Now that we have filled in the valleys and hills, we can now add back in the level structure of our stitches.

  • Start in your corner attach your wool,

  • ch2, 1dc, ch2, 2dc

  • skip the next stitch

  • work 3dc over the next stitches

  • fr - TREBLE around the raised front post

  • skip the next stitch

  • work 8 dc over the next stitches

  • skip next stitch

  • work next fr - TR

  • *repeat till all your willow stitches are cover.

  • CORNER = 3dc, skip stitch, work 2dc, ch2, 2dc into the corner space, skip 2, 3dc into the next stitches.


row 24 - half treble ( colour amethyst | silver mist | lake blue)

In this row, we are working are stitches so that we retain the number of stitches we have gained in our willow.

  • chain 2 / standing stitch into the corner

  • 1htr, ch2, 2htr

  • skip 1 stitch, work 4 htr into the next stitch spaces

  • fr - tr, around the previous front post

  • skip 2 stitches

  • work 5 htr into the next stitches, skip 1

  • *1 fr - tr, skip 2, 5htr, skip 1

  • *repeat till you reach the next corner

  • CORNER = fr - tr, skip 1 stitch, 4htr, 2htr, ch2, 2htr into corner space, 4htr, skip 1 stitch, fr-tr

  • follow the video for a full demo


row 25 - bp - tr ( colour white)

  • start in the corner

  • work 2 chain / standing stitch half treble

  • Work a bp - tr around all stitches

  • work a standard htr corner (2htr, ch2, 2htr)

* stitch count should be 77 stitches from half of your corner to the next corner half.


We hope your enjoying making this textured crochet blanket

We hope your enjoying our crochet along, with its varying stitches and bright colours. Its been a hard clog working back through our initial design, but we're super happy how its all coming together.

Please share with us your progress.

Lots of love

Michelle & Meg


4 commentaires

Zoe Howard
Zoe Howard
25 juil. 2023

Row 25 reads half treble and on video you say treble. Which is correct please? X

En réponse à

Updated to the treble x


Zoe Howard
Zoe Howard
21 juil. 2023

Row 20 is it half treble or trebble. As different in video (trebble) to written (half trebble)???

En réponse à

Treble and htr in the corners. All corrected x

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