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The Midnight Pumpkin Patch Blanket - FREE crochet pattern

I have loved revisiting this crochet blanket, because this pumpkin blanket started it's life as a alternative colourway to our 'Midnight Garden blanket', with this blanket we have use rich, warm, vibrant colours that reflect the Autumnal tones, from oranges, purples, greens and neutrals.


After a few moments of deciding to finish those Pesky WIP's, I picked up my unfinished blanket and decided that actually there was more to it! Or at least there could be. Autumn was on its way, and maybe this blanket could be my inspiration for a new pattern. So it was, that the pumpkin patch came to life. Continuing the work I had already made, I decided that the last chapter would change and grow some more.

I wanted to take this blanket design and combine our first blankets and create something that was a little more complex and challenging with more 3d stitches including Pumpkins & mushrooms, frameworks, textures... and mini projects to keep you motivated, which was working textured granny squares to perk your interest and to keep motivating you.

For me, its easy to get bored when something goes on forever. But when you break in down, it can make each new chapter exciting and something your looking forward to. Which is how I felt. I had to stop adding different elements. I really did enjoy this blanket, and so far is perhaps my favourite.

We've had wonderful constructive feedback through out our other makes, which is a great motivator.

The blanket has video support from chapter 5 ( which is supporting the alternative chapters which have been added on to support the complexity's from chapter 5 to chapter 8)

The ability to make is not just a skill of the hand, but a power of the mind to still the world around you and to soothe the inner soul.
  • PRE-ORDERS are now available so that we can get stock ordered and made ready for November 4th, which is when the first 7 chapters will be released. Followed by the last two chapters in the weeks that follow.

  • Over 8 chapters, with bite size sections for you to follow and work to.

  • Limited addition handmade crochet hooks as a set or individual

  • Stitch Marker Charm bracelet

  • Stitch Markers


REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING DATES for our :- free PATTERN - pumpkin patch crochet blanket

  1. OCTOBER 19th is the last day to pre-order your pack for the launch.

  2. You can order again, this wont be the only PRE-ORDER date.. which means you can order this item as presents for a later date.

  3. The official launch date will be NOVEMBER 4th on our blog. Make sure your signed up and subscribed to get the latest updates.

  4. For handmade items, there is a 1-2 week wait as they are hand sculpted & moulded. If you wish to order after the deadline, you can. We will send a date of when your item will be ready.

  5. PLEASE NOTE :- I cant make any items from 19/10 - 5/11, as I have my holibobs, so I wont be here. Anyone that does order in those dates you will be the first on my list of makes.

  • FREE BLOG PATTERN - The pattern is free while its a online pattern for you to work with at your own leisure. I know some of your prefer print, but while we gather feedback and your wonderful photos. The printed pattern will be worked on in the background, and published to Etsy as a digital copy along with printed books in our shop (this will most likely be jan 24). This is the 3rd FREE pattern of 2023, and we will be working on publishing further patterns throughout 2024. The published pattern will not be free, as you can imagine its took 100s of hours of work for us to design, calculate, film & photograph our work. So, please enjoy the free pattern as a gift via our online sources.

All our links can be found here... LINKS

If you have any questions please feel free to ask...

Lots of love

Michelle & Meg




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