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The Night Garden crochet blanket

Over the next few weeks I shall be adding this pattern to the blog! We do sell the kit. This is 7 balls of wool. We sell as five balls, but you will need the extra 2 balls to complete.

I choose these colours to from my Cath Kidston colour inspo mood board. There very cottagey colours, but there fun to work with and I always feel that colours help your mental health. Yes you can make this blanket in more neutral coolers, match your decor, caravan or car. But what about you? How about you make it just because you want to. Because it appeals to you, because its pretty... just because.

I think we make to many things for gifts, for practical use.. but we always forget about ourselves.

There's lots to be said about colour theory, and how they have developed colour therapy to help moods, mental health etc. In fact, colour therapy is used on a daily basis in the marketing we see every day.

I just hope that my blanket is colour therapy for you as its been for me. The colours I've opted for in all my colour packs are to enliven the heart and soul, on these dark and grey days in worrisome times.

This is my treat to me... and hope it's your treat to you!

I will be releasing this pattern every 2 weeks. It will be free to use on the blog, and will be illustrated after and be part of a book collection. with videos to compliment my work.

Starting with a simple granny square, its perfect for the simple crocheter. This blanket is about stitch placement, understanding your changes of colours and then moving into more challenging stitches as the blanket grows in size.

Forming shapes with frame works, front post stitches and aligning your colours so they sing out from your colour placement.

I love working with the Sirdar bonus range the colours are fab, we have over 100 shades in shop now, i have to stop myself from making up more colour ways!

The stitches really show through, and have great structure to them. It's a real joy to work with. I work with lots of wool, and this acrylic blend is in my top 5 dk wools. Some dk wool can be thinner than others, so be mindful. Stick to the same brand & ranges for your makes. Those slight changes in ply & quality can affect your tension and sizing as you go.

You can buy or colour packs, and collect within 48hrs of our business working days.

The pattern will be released next Thursday 23rd March

Lots of love


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